How to Install Windows 8.1 from USB Pendrive


Are you a technology lover? Do you know about the latest Windows operating system? Want to try using it? Microsoft has given a great opportunity for you to try it by installing as a trial version. The latest operating system version of Microsoft which has been released recently is Windows 8.1. If you are a geek or a lover of new technologies, then you must have definitely noticed the Windows 8.1 release. This version is just a preview of the actual product which has come early so that it can be judged if the product has some ramifications. As it’s the latest operating system of windows, you can definitely try installing it on your PC and experience the new features. Here is a guide for installing the operating system on the PC. It’s always wise to install the operating system from the pen drive as it takes lesser time and is highly convenient. You can use this method to install any Windows OS on your computer conveniently. You can have a look at the process of installation of Windows 8.1 by Pen Drive.

First of all go to Microsoft website and Download Windows 8.1 Preview update files. To install any operating system using pen drives, You should keep in mind that the pen drive should be made bootable in order to install it on PC. There are 2 options through which the pen drive can be made bootable.

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How to Install Windows 8.1 preview using Rufus :

Here, we will use one software called as Rufus, It is the best software to do this kind of tasks.

Step 1: Download and Install the Rufus software on the PC.

Step 2: Connect the pen drive and launch the software. There are some options as you can see in the image.


Rufus Software


Step 3 :   The first is device where you can select the drive which has to be bootable. In partition scheme, you can select “MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers”. Then you can select the NTFS option in File system. If you have a UEFI PC, you can select GPT scheme as partition scheme and FAT32 as File system. Then, select “ISO image” from Create a bootable disk.

Step 4 : Now, You can procure an ISO file for the task. Now, the pen drive is ready and bootable to install Windows 8 from the computer.

Install Windows 8.1 preview using Command Prompt :

Yes, there are another method to install Windows 8.1 preview using command prompt through USB pen drives. Its kind of the command line task, but sounds interesting too.

Step 1: Press Ctrl + X In your Windows 8, It will open one power menu as below. Select The option Command Prompt (Admin).
Windows 8 Power Menu
Step 2 :  Now type the command DISKPART and enter. You will get the output as below.

Command Prompt DISKPART Command

Step 3 : Now enter the command LIST DISK and press enter.


The above window will display all of your drive configuration details that are attached to your system.

Step 4 : Now type the following codes one by one.









Step 5 : After typing the code, you can close the command prompt. Just after this, you can copy the Windows 8.1 operating system files to start. Now, by using command prompt too, your pen drive is bootable using command prompt and ready to be used.

Now the steps to install Windows 8.1 using USB Pendrive:

There are various ways in which this can be possible like an ISO image file can be used also. Now, you are ready to install Windows 8.1 on your computer using USB drive that you’ve created earlier, The process goes as described:

Step 1 : Insert the USB pen drive in the computer. You can then see that a blue screen appears and then you can choose your language, time zone and keyboard input. You can select them of your own. You can then click “Next”. You can check the image(start screen) as illustrated.

Step 2 : On the next window, you can find “Install Now” on which you can click and start.

Step 3 : The next step would be adding the product key which is given by Microsoft as its preview version. Here is the key:


You can enter this key and proceed by pressing “Enter”, Then, you need to accept the terms and conditions.

Step 4 : You should select “Custom Install” option then. Then you can choose the drive on which you want to Install Windows 8.1 preview and then click next.

Step 5 : Now, Windows 8 will start installing. You will have to wait till it gets finished. You PC may restart several times in the process. You can restart it once at the end to make all changes effective.

So, now, the latest version of windows or the Windows 8.1 preview has been successfully installed on your laptop or personal computer. You can use it and check for all its latest features. You can check these for a trial but not use it fully as it’s a trial version and may have bugs. Its highly recommended for people who love testing out new features that come to the market or users who are stacked to the computer for most parts of the day. You can just compare the advantages of the latest Windows version with other versions and check if its truly beneficial to use or not. If you find it interesting, you can continue using it or else you can install the old version again and start using.

Now your operating system is ready with new Windows 8.1 Preview !!


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