How to optimize your writing for SEO without being penalized as forged?


SEO article writing

1. Back to basics: SEO articles

SEO articles have always been the topic discussed by many in order to know how to write them for a search engine marketing agency. There have been different guidelines that are being followed by the various online marketing services that include application of different keywords as well as the keyword density of the article. It’s time to go beyond these instructions and really know the correct way to actually write SEO articles.

When writing SEO articles, it is essential to write a perfect search engine optimised article that is considered ideal by any marketing agency. These articles don’t just contain a string of sentences connected to each other and understood only by web spiders, SEO articles need to have great content which can be optimised later to give extra credit to the writer in the SERPs.

2. Specific action items for how to write SEO articlesSEO writing for good rank

The keyword density of an SEO article is recommended to be between 1% and 4%, and this after making sure that it is not picked up as a keyword stuffer. Sometimes writers tend to increase the keyword density in the article just so that it is more visible on the web. This causes a decline in readability, so much so that certain sentences do not make sense.

One way to ensure that there is no improper use of the keywords is to add the keyword in the H1 tag for the page and to make sure that the given page uses the H1 tag only once. One can also add a key phrase within one H2 tag and another one in a single H3 tag. One can also make the keyword bold or add it in the Alt or Title attribute of the Image tag. The writer also needs to ensure that the keyword appears in the title tag of the page.

3. The structure of an SEO article

The structure of an SEO article is very important and this needs to be maintained for every feature in the article. When writing a news feature or an SEO article for any social marketing, it is essential to add the message one needs to get across in the first sentence or paragraph. After this, the message needs to be elaborated in the article body and a conclusion in the end.

4. The tone of the SEO feature

When it comes to an SEO article, it is essential to know what exactly one’s clients need to communicate in terms of tone. This can be done easily by getting new customers and engaging with the current customers.

Some vital points to consider while writing an SEO article:
1. The article needs to highlight interesting points for the reader.
2. It needs to include the right number of keywords that doesn’t affect the flow of the article.
3. There shouldn’t be any spelling or grammatical errors.
4. Dense paragraphs and long sentences should be avoided.SEO article writing tips

5. Link-building is the catch!

The SEO articles are basically those articles that are used by online marketing services or search engine marketing agency. Apart from that, SEO articles serve greatly when it comes to social network marketing. Such articles are mostly used in news articles so it is essential that they don’t contain any spelling or grammatical mistakes. The keywords mentioned for the SEO articles need to be added in such a way that they do not affect the flow of that article. This will ensure that the article is consistent and is considered interesting by the reader. So one needs to ensure that the SRO articles do not look like a list of keywords but a properly crafted page that catches the attention of the user.


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