How to recover the Deleted Data from your Hard-disks in Windows


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Have you ever faced a situation where you have accidentally deleted important files on your computer and worried about those files. Now Stop worrying about the files you deleted accidentally on your computer, Because There are some Great tools available on Internet for Free and as well as Paid which lets us to recover deleted files without loosing* data.

Are you Curious to Know How this Recovering of deleted Data Work? If yes then read the small paragraph below 🙂 else jump to the next paragraph to recover your files.

When you delete your files on your computer they aren’t actually deleted from your computer!. It takes some time for your computer to completely erase those files on your computer. Actually when you delete the files on your computer the files pointers which are used by the operating system to locate location of the file in the memory location are removed i.e in simple words operating system is just going to unlink the files from it’s Index.If you are learning c programming and come across the basic Stack Program by using pointers and understood the deletion of nodes in that program Then you have understood the working of file recovery!.  And erasing the data takes some time. Within this time the beauty and the power of the recovering software/tools come’s handy and helpful to us in recovering those files from Hard-disk on your computer.

Here are some best Software available on Internet to recover the deleted files or data from your Computer.

The first comes Recuva

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Recuva is a powerful tool and simple with great user interference. This tool is recommend for beginner, geeks and Advanced users.
This tool comes very handy and helpful in recovering the data from your hard-disk and external disks like Pen drives and memory cards too!. This Great tool is available for all the Windows operating system including the latest Windows 8 Operating system. You need not worry about the Bit version of your operating system, As Recuva is available for both the 32 bit and 64 bit computers.And The awesome feature of this tool is you can get software in Portable version too! which comes very handy in recovering the data on GO!.
Recuva is available in totally 3 versions

  • Portable version
  • Installer Version
  • and Slim Version

You can choose any version from Above. If you are in confusion state on choosing. I can recommend you to go with the Installer Version.You can get Recuva from Here

And the Second Comes ADRC Data recovery Tool

This is the lightest recovering software with only 130Kb of size. Never understatement this software as this is too light. Even this is too light this software has many advanced features in recovery in the files from your windows operating system. This Tool can retrieve the data from Windows XP and Windows 2000 (Supports officially)I have tested this on Windows 7 and found working well. This software to recover the data from your windows computer is built  with great and simple user interference.

This tool comes very handy and is very good alternative to Recuva, When you are running out of memory on your USB!.

This tool is recommend next to the Recuva.And finally You can get this tool from here for free!

Note: All the recovering tools mentioned here work better in recovering data from your computer only when you use the tools as soon as you delete.


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