How to Recover The Deleted Files #GlaryUndelete


It won’t come as a surprise if someone comes and says, “I have deleted my files!”. No matter how careful we act, we always end up deleting one or two files. And even if we take care of all these measures, we still can’t take care of our Windows getting corrupted or our systems getting damaged due to fluctuating voltage and the list goes on and on. Therefore, everyone needs a software that can help them bring back their lost data. There are hundreds of softwares available in the market, but this review is about one of the best recovery softwares; Glary Undelete. There are thousands of users out there who are a big fan of Glary Undelete and absolutely adore it!

Glary Undelete – Recover The Deleted Files

Glary Undelete is a free file recovery software which is nothing but a big treat for all the users out there. It is a simple yet a very powerful software to use. It is compatible with NTFS and FAT files and can recover files that have been deleted from Recycle Bin, Windows Explorer, DOS Window and even the data that has been lost due to system crashes and viruses, something that you don’t see other free recovery softwares doing.

Other than retrieving data from your computer systems, Glary Undelete also retrieves data from your Camera’s SD card. It doesn’t even matter what brand you are using; be it Sony, Nikon or any other brand, Glary Undelete will recover files for you in the twinkle of an eye. Glary Undelete also recovers photos that have been deleted during the “Formatting” process. Amazing, right?

Glary Undelete also helps in recovering music files. So, you can easily take advantage of Glary Undelete to recover those old but good songs that you deleted from your SD Card.

One disadvantage of Glary Undelete is that it is not compatible with Windows 8 and has not launched any latest version yet. All the Windows 8 users will have to do without Glary Undelete and wait for them to launch a version that would be compatible with Windows 8 settings. For the time being, Glary Undelete is compatible with Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7. Other compatible Windows file formats are NTFS/NTFS5 and FAT12/16/32. As far as the image recovery is concerned, Glary Undelete works well with SmartMedia, MultiMedia, CompactFlash and Secure Digital Cards. Glary Undelete supports Basic as well as Dynamic Volumes. What more can a person ask?

How to Recover the deleted files using Glary Undelete?

Well, the interface and the software are pretty self explanatory and the users don’t have to go through a lot of trouble while using this software. All you need to do is to select a location (drive) from where you want to restore files and Glary Undelete will handle the rest. Glary Undelete scans the entire drive for you and comes back with a list of the deleted files that it was able to recover. It also provides you with an estimation of theprobability of success of recovery associated with those files in terms of “Very Good”, “Good”, “Medium” and “Poor”. Next, you can either choose all types of file to recover or simply a particular file type with the help of “File Filter” function. Choose the files that you want to recover and Voila! Your files have been recovered. These screen shots will make it easier for you to understand:

  • Step 1:Choose a location or drive

  • Step 2:Glary Undelete will look for all the deleted files

  • Step 3: Choose the file type through “File Filter” function. Check the files that you want to recover. Press “Restore”.

With these few simply steps, you can easily recover your deleted files using a very handy software named Glary Undelete. Although Glary Undelete has not got multiple features like Glary Undelete can truly perfom well when it comes to recovering the deleted files. I am sure that you will enjoy using Glary Undelete!


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