How to remove Timeline on Facebook


Timeline was first introduced to Facebook profile on December 15 2011, but it was no made available to everyone. Facebook though to test it first so Timeline feature was first available just for Facebook app developers. Developers need to sign up for different accounts. Those days many people signed up for developers account just to try the Timeline feature. After that in 2012 march Facebook made Timeline feature as default for all the Facebook pages after getting some good reviews and now as you all know every one of us have Timeline feature enabled.

Haven’t you seen the old version of Facebook Profile??
Want to see other profile and your profile without Timeline??

This post will show you easy ways to remove / disable Timeline so that you can see others and your profile in Old version of Facebook.

What is Timeline in Facebook?

Facebook Timeline is an awesome display of profiles of Facebook users. All the updates will get sorted according to date in two columns. We can check the old updates of Timeline enabled profiles easily by navigating through the years and month present at the right side of Timeline.

 How to remove Timeline on Facebook

How to remove Timeline in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Just by adding some extension to the browsers we can extension to our browser we can remove the timeline feature from our profile. Just Follow the Steps below and you can easily try it on your browser. To let you understand even better I am providing screen shot for each and every step. Here it is

1.  Open any of the Following browsers.

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari Browser. If you don’t have any of these browsers installed on your PC then it better to install any one among them. If you are using Opera Web browser then you can check the other method mentioned below in this post

2. Go to ( we are going to install Extensions to our browsers from this Website)


3. Scroll a bit downwards and you can see icons of four browsers there. The Icon of browsers which you are using will be blinking indicating to click on it. Just give a Click on the Icon of your Browser.


4.  A pop up box will open asking you to add the extension to your browser, as I am using Google chrome this is how the Pop up looks. If you are using other browser then the scenario will be different. Click on ADD to install the Extension.


5. Finally that extension will get ads to your browser, and you can see it at the top right corner of your browser. And that’s it now you are done with it.



Just close your browser now and open With this extension you can remove timeline from your profile.

How to Remove Timeline from Opera

This is how my profile looks before and after installing the Extension





 How to remove Timeline using Opera

The above method works fine for Browsers mentioned blow but for Opera it won’t work. To remove timeline from your profile on opera just the below Method. Here we are using FB PURIY extension for this purpose. Just follow the below steps carefully

1. Open your Opera internet browser on your PC

Before installing the extension first add the FBpurity as a trusted website on your opera browser only then you will be allowed to ad this extension. To do this click Opera Button Click on SETTINGS > PREFERENCES > ADVANCED > SECURITY > ADD TRUSTED WEBSITE and now there add as trusted website and save the settings

2. Go to (installation Page of Extension)


3.  There you can see the big icon of opera mini and next to it there will be a button saying INSTALL FB PURITY EXTENSION. Just click on it and a pop up box will open asking you to add the Extension just click on add.


With this extension you can even remove Timeline from opera. If you can any doubts regarding it then you can visit the FB PURITY site.

How to revert back to Timeline again.

It’s very simple just by removing the Extension from your browser and you can get back your timeline back. In Google chrome you can do it two ways.

1. Simple click on the extension at the Top right Corner of the browser and click on the green tick mark and that will disable the plugin temporarily you can even remove the Extension completely by following the below method

2. Click on the setting button of Google chrome and select the and click on SETTINGS, it will redirect you to a new page, there just select EXTENSIONS and click on the REMOVE FROM CHROME button to delete the extension completely from your browser.

Note: Though you can see the old version of Facebook profile instead of Timeline, for all those people who visits your profile will see the Timeline itself, unless the same below mentioned method, this is because we are just tweaking our browser to get the old style back. No other method can completely change your Facebook Timeline.


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