How to Schedule SMS on Android Phone


You must be using an Android smartphone and many times a need of scheduling SMS arises. As Android is a smartphone and it supports 3rd party apps so there must be a way out to schedule SMS on Android phone.

Yes, there is a way in fact there are lots of ways or I should say there are lots of apps to schedule SMS on Android phone.

What SMS Scheduler can do?

SMS scheduler will let you save the SMS or text in as drafts and you can enter the time and date when the SMS is suppose to be sent to a particular contact or list of contact.

This is how you don’t need to remind of the time to send SMS or text to your friends or colleagues rather you can just put the SMS or text in the schedule and it will be sent automatically right on the time.

This functionality can help you to be in touch of your friend and family zone. How?

It happens many times that we missed out birthdays of our friends and family members. These days sending SMS or text is very common to send birthday or any other occasional greetings. But we forget the day and sometimes we missed out the occasion completely.

Another situation comes when you need to send SMS at fix 12’o clock in night but you sleep down.

In both the situations discussed above, SMS scheduling apps will help you as you don’t need to worry about the timing of the SMS or text. You just save the SMS or text anytime you want and it will be sent automatically on the right time.

How to get SMS scheduler for Android Phone?

Now this must be your next question and the answer is very simple and genuine as well. You can get the SMS scheduler app on GooglePlay store which is the official app store for Android phones.

There are lots of apps on the GooglePlay apps market which can function as SMS scheduler for you but if you search for them on GooglePlay then you’ll get confused easily as there are lots of apps available.

Now to I’ll help you out in getting the best SMS scheduler for Android phone you need. Here I’m listing two apps that I’ve used personally and you can also use them to schedule SMS on Android phone.

SMS Scheduler

How to Schedule SMS on Android Phone

Once you install this app then type in the text or SMS you want to send, select the recipients from the contact list of your phone or you can enter number manually, save the time and date you want to schedule SMS or text one, that’s it! Isn’t it simple?

The app supports all the devices and the UI of the app is simple. The app is available for free on the Play store.

Auto SMS (Autoresponder)

Auto SMS (Autoresponder)

This is another app that will let you schedule SMS on Android phone. It comes with one more additional feature i.e. auto responder.


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