HTC Sync Manager: Features and Download for Windows & MAC PCs


Despite being HTC device owner, you must have left out a lot of tasks just because you are unable to sync your phone with your computer. But, trust me; you don’t have to worry anymore as we have come up with the right software for you, named as HTC Sync Manager or HTC PC Suite.

Simply, you need to download and install the HTC Sync Manager on to your Windows PC or MAC and this is likely to solve three-fourths of your syncing issues. Sync manager – just as the name suggests, it is a vital tool that helps you to manage your HTC smartphone easily. Well, let’s get into a bit of details about the HTC Sync Manager or HTC PC Suite.

HTC Sync Manager

Easy Syncing

Syncing is very easy as you simply need to connect your device with your PC or MAC using the original USB data cable of your HTC device. Once you connect, the Sync manager initiates automatically and detects your device.

With this, your device will be completely synced with your computer and so your personal files and data are all safer than before. You do not need any technical skills to sync of operate this software but all you need is the ability to read and understand, something you of course have.

Automatic Detection

The HTC Sync Manager is capable of detecting your device automatically and so there are no such leftover headaches for you. In order to sync your device with your computer, you do not need any other stuff except the software.

Syncing Media Files

All your media files such as MP3, MP4, 3GP and many more are synced well between your device and the computer so that the data is safeguarded properly. These media files such as photos, music and videos are synchronized automatically.

This HTC PC suite enables you to carry out transfer of media files easily to your device from your computer and vice-versa. While you are facilitated to transfer files and playlists from your Windows media player or iTunes to your smartphone or vice versa, you are also enabled delete the file instantly.

Backup Tool

Basically, all PC suites act as a backup tool. With HTC Sync Manager, you are facilitated to create a backup of all your files and personal data which you had in your phone. You can prefer to save the backup on your computer or else, sign in to any cloud storage service.

In case, you lost your phone, you don’t have to worry about your personal data as you can easily retrieve your data back making use of the backup file.

Download and Install

Go to the official website of HTC or simply click on this link to have access to the official HTC Sync Manager webpage. Here, click on the download link and get the software downloaded and once you’ve got it, install it on to your Windows or MAC PC just as you do basic installations.

Simply double click on the executive file of the software and you are done as it is hassle free and works almost automatically.


Well, the HTC Sync Manager is a useful tool as it assists its phones with amazing features and facilities such as easy syncing, automatic detection, syncing all files and data, backup tool and many other.


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