How to Improve Alexa Rank of Your Blog/Website Quickly


One of the most important metrics that Bloggers/Web Masters are obsessed with is Alexa Rank.There are many reasons for that but the most important reason is that it gets updated on regular basis.Trust me most of the people judge your blog just on the basis of Alexa Rank.Even advertisers dare to advertise on your blog/website if you have a good Alexa Rank,which make alexa rank as one of the primary parameter to improve their income from blogging.

improve alexa rank

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is owned by one of the most reputed companies,Amazon Inc.They rank every website/Blog on the basis of few parameters which we will be discussing later in this article.Lesser the Alexa Rank the better for you.Currently the two big giants on Internet world i.e Facebook has Alexa Rank 1 and Google is at 2nd position.

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How Alexa Rank is Calculated

Alexa Rank has its own metrics.The alexa rank is not at all based of the traffic you get to your blog.They only calculate those stats that pass through their system.To get counted by their system the visitor must have installed alexa toolbar on their browser.That means they count only those visitors who have installed alexa toolbar on their browser and visited your website.This is a bit unfair but that’s how their system works.

Some Killer Tips to Boost Alexa Rank of your Blog Very Fast:

Install Alexa Rank Toolbar in your Browser and Ask your Friends to do the same:

As said earlier they only count those hits that passes through their system so first install alexa toolbar on to your browser and ask your friends and visitors to do the same.

Claim Your site on Alexa:

Claiming your site on Alexa will always give you an edge.This will also help others to know regarding your site.

Install Alexa Widget on your Blog:

Again there is an argument that installing Alexa widget has no effect on alexa ranking but trust me installing alexa widget helps in the beginning to boost alexa ranking.Later on you can remove it once you have attained a good rank.

Ask your readers to write a review of your Blog/Website:

This is the best way to seek attention from bloggers to boost alexa rank quickly.

Get Traffic from Bloggers and Techy Guys:

Bloggers and Techy guys are the people who installed alexa widget on their blogs.So your main target would be writing content related to their interest to boost alexa rank in no time.

This is the main reason behind Blogging and Technology niche websites have a better alexa rank than regular sites though their traffic is low.

Be Active on Social Media:

Social media is the best place to promote your content and almost everyone today is active on social media.So its the best place to target right audience.No matter what niche you are social media has its own significant role in boosting your online presence.And its the best place to find techy guys.Techy guys are the people who have installed alexa toolbar on their browsers which is the key factor to boost alexa ranking.

Update your Blog/Website on Regular Basis:

If you don’t update your website on regular basis then you will be loosing a lot of loyal readers which not only impacts alexa rank but also has a huge impact on your authority as well.

Bonus Tip:

Upgrade to Alexa Pro. Alexa offers pro upgrade for which we need to pay few bucks.They offer free upgrade for one month trial.After that you need to pay $9.99 to continue the pro account.Alexa pro member have some special benefits like custom logo,site metrics and few other benefits.Its totally worth upgrading to pro membership.


Though Alexa has nothing to do with a blog traffic or quality .Many of the advertisers check your alexa rank to advertise on your blog which makes it must for every blogger to focus on alexa ranking.If you follow our above tips your alexa will improve in no time.

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