Indian Festival calendar 2013 Android App


These apps are very easy to operate and provide list of major Indian festivals grouped by month. For any festivals and holidays you can use this application for your convenient. It adds many features such as many kinds of festivals and days, powerful date a text based search interface, daily festival notification, ability to show or hide festivals and monthly view also displays the festivals. In list view on the bottom half.  The application also contains different kinds of festivals and days and they are as follows:

  • Hindu festivals
  • Parsi festivals
  • Sindhi festivals
  • Malayam festivals
  • Sikh festivals
  • Tamil festival
  • Islamic festival
  • And many more.

Indian Festival calendar 2013 Android App

In addition to that it also contains Ekadashi dates. Vrat dates, Rashi Sankranti dates, etc.

The user can filter the list of festivals by Start Date and End Date based on search interface which is provided by the application. And also text based search interface to filter the list of festivals by their names. The application generates a notification to inform the user about the festivals that occur today. It allows user to turn on or off the daily festival notification via settings screen. if you want to hide the festivals then  also through this application you can hide it. The hidden festivals will not be displayed in the festival list and the application does not generate notification for the hidden festivals.

You can short 4 line description of each holiday and link to any website article for the selected festival reading through Wi-Fi. It is useful to find out date when a specific festival occurs in India. As we know India has very large number of festivals due to its religious and cultural diversity. In other respect you can navigate between years to see festivals for the respective year.

In India every region and every religion has something to celebrate. There are total five apps by android device which is very popular and significantly used by people. The application includes festivals and dates for last year and next year also. According to your plan you can utilize the apps for every festival. In the list tab all festival for each year will be listed out. It has very handy operation by swiping your finger across the calendar to change month or use navigation button to change month. It also includes specially marked calendar monthly view with all festivals dates. To add event to your android calendar you can use Long tap for any month or year.

These are the facilities provided by Android apps for your festival use. For recent year they are going to add some more features to the device for more clarity and ease with updated festivals. So you can enjoy this application to your level best and rank it by your own choice.


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