Instagram post Exposes the real face of “Money Mad” Akansha


The Hype around Akansha Sharma,ex  Bigg boss contestant and estranged wife of Yuvi’s younger brother Zorawar  is quite overrated as the fake claims by her towards Yuvraj Singh’s family over “Domestic Violence” are nothing more than a Hoax. Just recently she has been summoned by the Judicial Magistrate over a case filed by her Mother in law Shabnam Singh. It’s worth mentioning here that while her case regarding the “Harassment” allegations to the Singh family is still undergoing trial, she has already caused a lot of mental trauma to the whole Singh family in the process. Moreover, the so called “Victim” can be seen uttering all the Dirty words against the family, as per her recent Instagram post

While the picture tells the story itself, the comments beside it says, “My Brother told me, f**k em, get that Money sis”. Everyone can clearly see what’s cooking between brother and sister while bringing the Singh family to disgrace! Moreover, we all know that once she left big boss house, she didn’t get any new projects to work for neither any movie. So the “Money Mad” lady did cross all the limits to prove his fake point and didn’t even though once about the goodwill and honor of the reputed family. She talks about Mental and physical harassment, but it’s the Singh family which has to undergo the entire trauma just because of her. Shabnam and Zorawar singh has been admitted to hospital earlier due to this. We shall now leave this to the court to decide as people have already seen her true face.


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