iPhone 7-Everything You Need to know


iPhone 7? Yes, you read that right. While the iPhone 6S and 6SPlus have barely penetrated the global market, Apple is already thinking of iPhone 7. Well, not so fast, while rumours are already in circulation, Apple might not release this revolutionary device until late September. Since the iPhone 4S, Apple has always released its phones in September. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that the iPhone 7 will hit the market come September 2016. Here is a list of some of the things to expect from this new device, to quench your thirst for knowledge on the same.

To start with, people expect something slimmer, faster and a refurbishment in design. However, there is a spoiler, it is rumoured that this new version will not have the headphone port. Perhaps they are getting rid of the 3.5mm port, in a bid to ensure they make the phone as slim as possible. Nonetheless, there is more in store. While the real design remains clandestine, we all expect something with more curved edges. Also, judging from Apples past efforts, we could as well expect some flexibility in the design. In a world of increased innovations such as Hyperoptic fibre broadband, the phone will be competing against the Moto X and Xperia Z5; Apple might also consider investing heavily on a waterproof finish and faster internet connectivity.

In terms of storage space, Apple reached a new high of 128GB last year. Now, it is understood that the iPhone 7 might go up to 256GB internal storage. While Apple has made great strides in terms of power management, more is expected. It is alleged that there will be a new A10 processor that will utilise power in better manner than its predecessor the A9, without a doubt. When it comes to the keyboard, Apple has been seriously working towards developing a keyboard that can get projected onto flat surfaces. That way, users enjoy more typing space as on flat surfaces; you can adjust the keyboard to a size of your liking. Say truth, Apple has been lagging behind when it comes to screen display. Competitors such as the LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ have QHD panels. The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is on another level as it was the first phone to have a 4K display. While it is questionable that Apple will jump into QHD display, they will definitely venture into Full HD, SD display.

However, the iPhone 7 does not offer much changes in its camera but its still one to reckon with since the 6S improved its camera a great deal. The 12-megapixelcamera got a great finishing with improved megapixel count as well as new lens constructions. With a very big team of engineers at task, the iPhone 7 is set to receive tweaks such as the 4k video capture and software enhancements. IOS9 is not that old, but there is a likelihood that the new Phone will have a new operating system. Perchance, named IOS 10, and with more to offer of course.