Is it better to hire a Domain Naming Expert?


Each website needs to have a unique name because only one website can operate with one name in the world of internet. Naming a domain sounds as easy as naming a child but it is not because two children can have the same name but the two domains cannot have the same name. What do you think how you can come up with a unique name that will get registered easily and will also appeal your visitors? Will you think of a unique domain name yourself? It can be a good idea if you are an expert in naming the domains but if you are not an expert then you can make mistakes and these mistakes will kill the value of your domain. Let’s read the 2 most common mistakes that most domain owners make.

domain naming expert

Common mistakes in naming a domain

Too long domain name is the first mistake people make. Many webmasters think that it is good to use their own name to name their domains so if the name of a person is Kevin Gillard then the domain name he can register is Such a name might appear relevant to the person but the truth is different from the perception. Actually this name 20+ character long while a domain name should not break the 14 character domain name rule. According to this rule, a domain name should not exceed 14 characters in length. It is common to have name of more than 14 characters so if you are naming a domain name from your name then your domain name will also go that long and this is how you are breaking the rule of domain naming. So don’t use your name to give a name to your domain.

Domain name without keywords is the next common mistake that most webmasters make. Keywords play a vital role in making a site popular in the search engines and this is why most SEO experts are busy in doing the keyword research whenever they start a new site, new service or launch a new product. A site can be more product if the name is also thought from the potential keywords. For example, if your business is to design logos then the name “” can be a good one. So the person responsible for naming the domains should not forget to do the keyword research before deciding a final name.

The third mistake is of not hiring an expert to give name to your domains. Many webmasters think it useless to bring an expert in the scene but the service of an expert is necessary if you are really serious towards your online business.

Is it better to hire a domain naming expert?
If you cannot avoid making these mistakes then it is always better to hire a domain naming expert rather than taking up the responsibility yourself and doing an unsatisfactory job. There are many sites where you can start contests to get thousands of names to choose one from and there are also many expert providers whom you can hire to get the best suggestions.


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