Live Your Life Out Loud


There is a very real tension that exists right now for people who enjoy their internet time. There is a growing concern that too much internet time is not good for you, and there are groups of people yelling from the rooftops to get out and do more away from our computers, phones, and tablets. But what about those people who make a living online? What about those people who love to share their stories with millions of followers and are a big influence on people? Like many problems in life, there are two sides to the story: one side wants to turn away from the internet life, and the other side wants us to live out loud online! If you’ve ever gotten lost in a rabbit hole of inspirational home-decor options on Pinterest, you know how influential the internet can be in our lives. So why hide from it? Let’s look at what living out loud online looks like for people who make a living spending their time on their computers.

When I was thinking about how to build my own blog online, I wondered if I would have enough time to dedicate to the upkeep of it. Sure, it’s fun and exciting at first, but would the novelty of writing about what I had for breakfast wear off after a while? It turns out, that it did wear off. But not because I didn’t like writing, but because not enough people were interested in what I was having for breakfast. I wasn’t an authority on breakfast. Bloggers, in particular, should be an authority on a topic. They don’t have to be an expert, per se, but can build their reputation as an authority over time by continuing to produce reliable and relevant content. This is not news to you, I am sure. The point is that the key to living your life out loud online is to make sure you are writing about, posting about, and sharing content that people actually want to interact with.

If blogging is not your jam, video diaries might be more your thing. Youtube is bigger and better than ever and millions – literally million – of people are finding their way to Youtube to share their stories with millions of other people. You name it, there’s a Youtube channel for it. I recently happened upon a whole network of people who scratch sounds into microphones and have millions of followers. They rub feathers across their microphones, brush their hair, and open library books. Apparently, there are millions of people who enjoy listening to sounds and watching videos of people opening and closing books? Hey, whatever floats your boat. These people are living their lives out loud in a way that appeals to a massive audience. It’s surprising when you read this and then wonder why no one wanted to know about my breakfast plate each day?

Whatever you decide to share online, make sure it is relevant to those you are hoping to reach. People are more fickle than ever about what they are spending their time doing online – perhaps it’s because of the underlying tension to spend less time online – or perhaps it’s because we are just getting bored. Whatever the reason, sharing your life online can be lucrative and fulfilling, so get to it!


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