How to maintain your car in rainy season?


Monsoon is the most unromantic season for cars running on roads. It is a time when your car has to go through various hassles such as facing potholes, severe rains, floods, and many other troubles, which affects your car considerably.  Mostly in the rainy season, drivers face the acute problem of water creeping inside engine which affect engine, staling of car’s engine that ultimate leads to car damaging. This article will focus on tips to maintain your car in rainy season. Of course! We have fixed time of Monsoon, and it is crucial to take care of your car in the Pre-Monsoon season. Let’s see how you can prepare your car in the pre Monsoon season:

Maintain Your Car in Rainy Seasons

It is very important to check out whether your car is ready for the pre-monsoon season or not. So, never forget to go for pre-monsoon check-up of your car. Your checklist must contain, anti-scratch coating, checking tyre’s health, find out the proper functioning of drain plugs, inspecting the proper functioning of lights and indicators, parking and other conditions that might affect your car during Rainy season.

Tips to Maintain Your Car in Rainy Seasons:

Plan your Journey:

Planning your journey is most important to maintain your car in rainy seasons. Avoid driving car in the areas of frequent flooding, road with improper divider and foot paths, and also on roads which are heavily damaged. Such roads are likely to get jammed and also less visible. Of course! We can’t predict the time of rains, buy this awareness will help out to reach your destination safer and faster. However, in the case of emergency, make sure to keep the proper stock of fuel in car.

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Make Suitable Arrangement of Good Accessories:

You must arrange proper and complete kit of accessories to combat with worst weather situation. For instance, defogger and rear windshield wiper works supportively during rains. If FM radio works in your city then you will also get chance to update with existing traffic conditions. Never forget to keep a car cover in the boot and so that you can park your car even in the severe raining conditions. Besides, a good hazard light will also work incredibly and will help you to be alert before any danger. Most of us ignore it, but keeping first aid kit and umbrella is very essential. If you are planning for long distance then don’t forget to keep some biscuits and a bottle of water.

Measures while Driving:

safe driving

Before moving out you must make a point to check the condition of lights, wiper, brake functioning etc. drive your car with concentration as any slackly attitude will lead to disastrous accidents. In the case of heavy rain and storm, it is better to park your car so that you face less trouble and threats. If you happen to be driving on highways then you need to take utmost care. Drive your car slowly and safely with extra concentration. It is also a great to keep all the lights on of your car. Never rush and try to overtake any other vehicle as can create panicky situation for you and other vehicle. For the better visibility you can use defogger and horn to minimize accidents.

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Post Monsoon:

Most of the car owners do not go for the post Monsoon check-up of their vehicle, which is not good. Post Monsoon inspection is very crucial as it resolves the issues of rust formation, humps, and damages caused due to the hitting of stones etc, which are likely to happen during rainy season.

By considering above tips you can easily maintain your car in rainy seasons.


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