Major Problems with Niche blogging


First of all I would like to ask you a question ‘what makes your blogs flowing all the time?’ Till now have you come across those topics that no one else have discussed about it till now or do blog on those topics that is very much updated in the search engines

It’s very much difficult to find a blog very much unique that contains certain narrow contents for example a blog about a popular TV actor.

The only problem besides this is that you can get a bit too niche and obviously the results would be the worst as expected. Unless and until you don’t find the exact location of where your audience are, you are going to be getting niche responses from a group of niche peoples.


The Importance of Niche Blogging

When I started my blogging career in the ending months of 2004 I always used to blog about a TV show that was popular these days because in those days there were no such active blogs to share about like it is now. As the tv show was popular it didn’t take that long to achieve recognition.

It was a tough job to write a blog on a TV show but the toughest part was finding a voice for its dubbing and there was plenty of workload too.

In the initial periods of blog writing you must be always focused on the things that are interested to the most because it will make you passionate about your blog. However it could be a tricky job finding of a niche.

Major Problems with Niche blogging are –

Struggling to Find a Niche?  Try This!

The most common problem that every blogger faces while setting up a new blog is niche the best way of overcoming this is to use a mind mapping or brainstorm .You might be thinking of what this brainstorm is , It’s an ideal cloud that provides information on a single piece of paper, it’s just like a stream of consciousness.

This process may take a couple of minutes to complete so try and be patient however with the use of a large size of paper like for example A 4 size paper. Don’t get embarrassed if you make fewer mistakes you are not writing on a paper, so don’t waste your time erasing it simply cut the unwanted things

Don’t Specialize Too Much

As it is said that anything in excess is too dangerous so don’t try to be much niche as it may spoil your blog. It is very much obvious that if you stick to a single niche you are definitely falling apart .

Niches: Are They Overrated?

Quite a selection of your own preferred niches will provide you a lot of profit but if you have a wrong choice of niche your blog is going to face a critical financial crisis then you will have to put in lots of efforts to regain that position of your blog so don’t try and use excess of niches.

So i think you have clearly understood what is the scenario of niche blogging.


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