How to Make Showers More Fun


Are you bored with the same old shower that you take every day? Taking a shower can be a lot of fun if you are creative with it. There are many ways that you could spice up your shower, including adding a waterproof radio, switching to a steam shower, trying new shower products, giving yourself a spa treatment (foot scrub, facial) or evendoing vocal warm-up exercises! When you enjoy your shower in the morning, it can energize you and help you prepare for your day, especially if you make the most of the time.

Showers More Fun
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Using a Waterproof Radio

Take a look online to find a waterproof radio, which is one of the best gadgets that a shower lover — and music lover — can own. These waterproof radios hang right on your shower head and provide you with music, news or talk radio while you are getting clean. It’s a great time saver in the morning to be able to listen to the morning news report while showering, and if a great song comes on the radio you can always sing along.

Switch to a Steam Shower

Why not upgrade your bathroom and switch to a steam shower? This is a type of shower which uses a humidifying steam generator in order to produce warm water vapor that will be dispersed around your body. The idea of the steam shower evolved from the steam bath, which was practiced during the height of the Roman Empire. The Ancient Romans would take steam baths in large steam rooms that were supplied by natural hot springs beneath the ground. There are a number of different styles of steam showers that you can incorporate into your bathroom renovation design. You can read more about it here.

Give Yourself a Spa Treatment

Even if you are only having a quick shower before going to work, why not wake up a few minutes earlier so that you can give yourself a luxurious spa treatment? You could apply a moisturizing masque to your face or a deep conditioning serum to your hair. Allow the treatment to soak in for the required amount of time, and then wash it off in the shower. You will feel so much more beautiful and relaxed, ready to start your day with shinier hair or glowing skin.

Another great spa treatment to do in the shower is a foot scrub — the hot water will soften up the tough skin on the bottoms of your feet. You can use a pumice stone to scrape away those calluses for super soft feet.

Doing Vocal Warm-Up Exercises

Do you have a big presentation to give at work this morning? Why not warm-up your voice in the shower with a few vocal exercises? The shower is a great place to do this, because the warmth and the humidity help to soothe your vocal chords and open up your throat. Also, thanks to the great acoustics in the shower your voice will sound fantastic.

You can start by singing your favorite song or singing, “do re mi fa so la ti do” from low to high. Next, try doing tongue twisters to get your tongue and lips warmed up so that you won’t stumble over the words. If anyone is listening to you in the shower they might giggle at you, but it will be worth it when you are up in front of everyone delivering your presentation.

Try It Cold

You’re probably used to taking warm showers, but why not try running the water on cold for a few minutes before you get out? Cold showers actually have a number of benefits and once you get over the initial shock, they can actually be quite refreshing. A cold shower will improve your circulation and benefit your heart. Also, research has shown that cold showers increase our metabolic rate and improve our white blood cell count, which will improve the immune system. A cold shower will also contract your pores to give you smoother looking skin and make your hair look shinier and healthier.

These are just a few fun and creative ways that you can add some variety into your shower routine. Enjoy!


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