Managed WordPress Hosting v/s Shared Hosting


WordPress Hosting

It is a service where all technical aspects of running WordPress is managed by the host. This includes security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, website uptime, and scalability. It is specially designed to cater to WordPress websites.  It has a number of advantages-

  • It is incredibly fast. This level of hosting can offer drop page load speeds by a second.
  • It is much secure this type of the server offers increased security protocols and more individually attentions. Even after hacked you will have support team.
  • The server will be always up to date. The team will provide you the latest running software.
  • They will provide help at every stage. And provide the support.
  • The site will be sharing resources with fewer websites, and in some cases, none, your site is able to use a greater portion of the server resources.

Shared hosting

It is a web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server connected to the internet. This is generally the most economical for hosting. In it, the provider is responsible for managing servers, installing server software, security updates, technical support, and other aspects of the service. Most servers are based on the LINUX and LAMP (software bundle), which is driven by the reliability and security of open source software. Shared web hosting can be accomplished in two ways- name-based and IP-based.  Shared hosting is much cheaper than another type of hosting. Shared hosting usually has usage limits and hosting providers should have extensive reliability features.


Shared hosting can be great if you’re just getting started with building a website. Shared hosting is not reliable and custom tailored to the WordPress environment. If you can afford additional cost than WordPress hosting is the generally the way to go. Shared hosting is not so fast as compared to word press hosting but in it; you have to pay more than it. Due to the cheap nature of shared hosting sometimes hundreds or thousands of users are put on the same server. In shared you have to divide the resources like- bandwidth, processing power, storage everything you have to be shared. In managed hosting, everything from the hardware to the software is built for WordPress websites. They will have server-level caching in place and will likely be running the most optimal versions of PHP, My SQL. Automatic backup and more security this type of features also provided in the managed word press hosting. Due to the high nature of the setup, your website will be able to handle a much higher number of viewers with a managed WordPress host than the shared hosting. In shared hosts, you need to be able to run any kind of platform/application, so they have to forfeit all the WordPress-specific tweaking and fine-tuning that managed WordPress hosts are able to do.


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