NBN Roll-Out: Smaller Providers May be Able to Increase their Market Share Now


The move to NBN is revolutionary; it is the biggest open access network being rolled out for both wired and wireless connections. Termed as Australia’s largest infrastructure project till data, one of the goals is to replace the current and weakend copper cable infrastructure which has reached end of life.

NBN is offered at wholesale rates, and is a hope to smaller internet providers.  Many a companies offer NBN plans, one of which is Belong, owned by the Telstra.

Hopes for smaller internet providers

The NBN roll out can prove to be advantageous for smaller internet providers, allowing them to increase their market share to at least a certain extent. As per the chief executive of the company, investigations are already underway which would reduce costs associated with NBN access for smaller internet providers. Consequently, they would be protected from larger giants that currently dominate the broadband internet industry.

The company which owns NBN is already having discussion with retailers and ISPs over how this mega project would provide higher quality, speedier and more reliable internet services in all parts of Australia, including rural towns and urban cities.

Currently, NBN might be an expensive choice for around one third retailers, which might serve as an entry barrier. If that is so, the parent company would explore other options and boost market competition. They are also hopeful that bigger companies would work with them, and make it easier for smaller retailers to connect to NBN.

NBN is expected to create a seismic digital eruption that would lay foundations of a new era, encouraging innovation and economical growth. Serving as the backbone of the digital economy, NBN appears to be a hope to many.

Belong NBN plan review

Telstra is the parent company of Belong, but the entity operates as a separate business. The offered broadband plans are priced at the lowest rates that you can expect, but features might be minimal when compared to other plans. Belong only offers fixed line NBN plans; there aren’t any additional bundles, Netflix offers, internal calls or any loyalty programs.  But home phone service is still an option.

Belong Voice is a kind of aunique plan in the sense that you don’t require any specific handset. Instead, you just have to download an app on your current phone, which then allows you to make and receive calls.  Prices are competitive, considering the parent company. Though they may not be the lowest, they are still towards the low side. 12 month contracts, the longest that Belong offers are the best; you get to save some money every month, and you don’t even have to pay any setup costs.

The maximum download speed for NBN is around 100 Mbps.

What do you have to do?

Find out if NBN is offered in your area through the rollout map. If it is available, contact a provider, and they’ll help you set up. If not, then wait for NBN to become available.


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