New IOS features Introduced By LiveWire


Mobile has become a necessary way of communication. Today so much of computing and transaction is done on mobiles that it has become a common tool in everyone’s hand. Such is the necessity of mobile that life today cannot be imagined without it. Mobile technology is ruling the world. It is also a place where new technological leaps and bounds take place.


Every day we hear new path breaking mobile technological startups. Indeed technology for mobiles   keeps   on   improving day by day. One such common observation is,   use of animation. Animation has grown by multiple units in today’s world. Mobiles are loaded with funky and useful animations. Animations pull people towards buying mobiles of any cost. The more costly mobile is more is the sophistication of animations. People want innovative animations in their mobile. To support this craze of animation LiveWire   has   introduced new software where mobile user can modify animations   depending on his taste. Since modification   is allowed so LiveWire users   find it very interesting. It is good for users as well as mobile sellers. LiveWire allows users to change the   look by affecting operating system of mobile. This indeed is a major jailbreak for mobile technology.

New IOS features Introduced By LiveWire

How it is run

The   premises in which LiveWire works  is very simple. Once the user has installed LiveWire in system default windows application is run. Then   users   tweak windows based application to get a new look in mobiles by doing many functions .Some of the functions available with LiveWire are elevator, vault, fade out, zoom. Some of the functions mentioned are free of cost. Among them elevator is available free of cost. Others require nominal rate of one dollar to get installed in systems. This is just a small rate to get this premium service in mobiles. Many users have installed LiveWire in their system and find the experience thrilling. The duration for which the animation is available in your system is also variable. The system can have animation for a small duration or far a long duration based on user’s taste.

Final verdict

Since this application does not require jail breaking so LiveWire is a novel way to reformat mobiles at the operating system level to get a beautiful and sleek look for phones. The application comes at a very nominal rate. Moreover, the application can be downloaded from net. These features make LiveWire   appealing way to change the look and feel of mobile experience.

Livewire has potential to attract more customers. Since it changes look  and  feel of mobiles so it is a good way to customize  mobiles. This technology is different from previous startups in a way that changes are made at operating system level making changes not just cosmetic but deeper. Changes are done by affecting operating system variables. Among the functions listed previously elevator has been download many a times by users. Since it a windows based application so it is available in many platform independent mobiles. Whether it is a smartphone or a touch phone both will support LiveWire to work. LiveWire can become the next big thing in mobile computing if it is handled well by its developers.



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