How Pinterest Helped Me Find the Best Way to Get Stains Out


Stains really are a pain! How often do we find ourselves struggling to remove a blotch or blemish from our clothes, carpet or walls – and it just won’t budge!

While there are literally hundreds of branded stain remover solutions available, they often only deal with one type of stain each. If you wanted to be in a state of preparedness to tackle even a small selection of common stains, you’d need a large cupboard to store them and a very healthy budget to pay for them.


There is also the small but not insignificant fact that many of these alleged stain saviors just don’t work. No wonder then that many people are turning to online forums for advice about how to banish those bug-bear stains. But with so many websites available, it can be difficult to know where to go. Pinterest to the rescue!

What is pinterest?

For those not already familiar with the online phenomenon which is pinterest, this relative newbie to the social network stable provides a tool to collect and organize things that inspire you. The range of topics covered is immense – as pinterest itself promises,
“No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a place for it here.”

Pinterest users organize their tips, advice and things they just plain like, into an online pinboard. Travel, fashion and cars are just a few of the topics covered by users – and of course our chosen subject, stain removal.

Using Pinterest gives you access to a vast number of users worldwide. With nearly 70 million “pinners” worldwide, there’s bound to be someone out there who can help answer your questions.

Stains – Under Starters Orders

The first step in finding useful stain removal advice on Pinterest, is to know your enemy. What type of stain is it? Ink, crayon, rust and food colouring are common culprits but there are literally thousands more potential offenders.

You also need to consider what item has been stained? Again the potential list is virtually endless – clothes, carpet, toys, furniture and walls are only a few examples.

Combining these two pieces of information will help guide you on your Pinterest stain quest.

Stain Savvy Tips

Obviously there’s too much information on stain removal on Pinterest to cover it all here, but I thought it would be only fair to whet your appetite for more with a few tasty tips to tackle common stains.


If you or your man is mechanically minded, chances are you’re going to end up with grease or oil on your clothes at some point. According to Anna Barry, from the Spanish island Mallorca, if black oil is involved, then good old baby oil is a smart solution. The golden rule for success in this scenario is to not let the stain come into contact with water – as this will make it set. Instead, soak it overnight in baby oil and then wash through with normal detergent the following day.

Paint on the carpet

One of the drawbacks of home decorating can be a paint-stained carpet. No matter how hard you try to cover every inch of the floor, it’s almost inevitable that small splatters of paint are going to find their way onto your carpet. Pinterest offers a range of solutions, from scraping the carpet, using diluted low intensity household detergent, to steam cleaning.


Ink on clothes is a common complaint. Diagnosis starts with determining what type of ink you are dealing with. Treatment will depend on whether the ink is water based (easier to shift), ballpoint or permanent (tricky for obvious reasons). Various solutions are suggested including toothpaste, milk, hairspray and hand sanitizer.

The Low Down

As with any stain removing tips, there are no guarantees of success – and if you end up ruining that favorite outfit by following someone else’s advice, you won’t have any comeback. Having said that, most users are genuinely there to help, and have based their advice on actual experience.

Overall, I believe that Pinterest is a useful weapon in the war against stains, so if you are faced with a tricky stain scenario, it’s worth checking out Pinterest.


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