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Polaris Office by Infraware Inc is a powerful and easy-to-use complete office suite for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. It enables you to create and modify documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It contains a Word Processor, Spreadsheet program, Presentation Viewer and File Viewer. Polaris Office Android provides a reliable way to create and organize your business documents.


App Overview

Polaris Office 4.0 has a well-designed interface. It can be downloaded through the Google Play Store. It is designed to create professional documents and manage them effectively.

Polaris Insights

The home screen is professionally designed. It helps you quickly open the recent documents. The option is available at the middle of the screen. At the bottom of Recent Documents you can see File browser through which you can explore all files and folders in the storage area. Close to File browser there is Cloud Service icon for adding cloud service account. You can view all files by their types with the option provided at the bottom. The icon indicates the nature of the file, for example, document, spreadsheet, presentation or PDF. You can mark documents as favorites and view them with the help of Star icon. Just click on the Star icon to add a document to the list of favorite documents.

File management through Polaris is extremely simple. To make a new folder, just click on the Plus (+) icon and select “New Folder” option. A new folder will be created in the same location. To create a new document, tap on the Plus (+) icon. You can make new documents, spreadsheets, presentations in this way. To copy/ move or remove any file/ folder there is “Manage” checkbox beside the folder name. When you press a folder for longer time, it shows a pop-up through which you can rename it. Press a file for a longer time to send it or view its information. Search any documents with the help of Display window.

Interface and Usage

Polaris app for Android is professionally designed. It displays an array of features on the main user interface. You need to scroll through the menus to see how these features work. The app comes with user documentation to help users improving their experience. App on Google Play supports different file formats such as PPTX, XLSX, PPT, XLS, DOCX, DOC and TXT. Along with these file formats, it supports reading PDF documents.

The app has big icons to navigate around menus comfortably. All menus and buttons are aligned properly in order to perform required actions. You can change the style of written text through tabbed screen. Swiping between pages of document is very simple with an ability to zoom the document. While working with different types of documents, you may realize that the menus are almost same thus making consistent experience throughout usage.

Distinguishing Features within App

Developers have integrated TTS (Text-to-Speech) in Polaris Office suite which reads the selected part of the document.

The Spreadsheet app provides a broad array of different features in the Fx Menu. It makes the mathematical calculations quick and simple. Additionally you can use faux-laser pointer in presentation mode. These features are very useful and impressive for an editor.

What lacks in the App?

Polaris is a handy app for documentation but unfortunately it is not designed to edit these documents to length. It shows existing comments in the document; but you can’t make new comments. Track Changes which is one of the widely used features is also missing in the app. It is usually offered in competitive apps.

App runs smoothly in iOS but in some cases it lags on Android when connecting to cloud support. The Android version allows you to sync your documents with the help of DropBox. However for the iOS version there are some additional cloud services available. As long as Android and iOS versions are compared, some features are missing in the Android version. For example: The iOS version has free iPad version but for Android version it does not have free features for Galaxy Note II and Nexus 7.

Download App from Google Play Store:Polaris Office 4.0


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