Popular Trends to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen


Many people decide to remodel their home kitchens in order to make them more functional, easy accessible and user-friendly. Others are just interested in doing so to increase the selling value of their home. Regardless of the purpose for this type of project, one of the most popular approaches is to explore and invest your money into appliances, fixtures and other items throughout your kitchen that follow the current trends.

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Take the Time to Research Options

Research is one of the most important parts of any remodeling project, especially if you have limited experience in this area. You need to know exactly what can and cannot be done within this space of your home. Make sure that you record the measurements of your existing flooring, counter space, cabinetry as well as appliances. Having this information handy will make it much easier to shop for required tools and materials once you have determined which look and style you want to create within your newly renovated kitchen.

Enjoy the Shades of Gray

Instead of focusing on finding a bright color or solid yet colorful pattern to use for your kitchen, focus on exploring the beauty and appeal of the color gray. Even though having gray schemes within a kitchen may not have looked rather stylish or been very popular two decades ago, times have clearly changed. More than 50 percent of kitchens and baths throughout the United States use shades of gray within their color scheme, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). Even though white and off-white still remain the top two popular color choices when it comes to kitchen renovations, according to the same study, gray has recently taken the third spot on that list.

Focus on the Fixtures

There are so many different parts of a kitchen that can easily become the primary focus of a renovation project. In most cases, the appliances, flooring and cabinetry are the three factors that seem to get the most attention. Keep in mind, though, that you can still achieve a fantastic look and appeal within your home kitchen that follows popular trends simply by upgrading and replacing your faucets and fixtures. When doing so, make sure that you select choices that flow with the overall theme of your kitchen.

Even though quartz countertops seem to be rising in popularity, granite countertops are still used by close to 90 percent of professional kitchen designers within the United States, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. When improving your kitchen faucets, consider the efficiency and overall value of investing in touch-activated faucets instead of traditional fixtures. Do not hesitate to ask for expert guidance and professional assistance when it comes to this particular area, because you also need to make sure that your fixtures and faucets are compatible with the plumbing and electrical wiring within your home.

Explore Pricing of Different Contractors

When you need to have any type of kitchen remodeling Phoenix has a wide variety of available contractors from which to choose. To stay within your budget, make sure that you shop competitively for the team of contractors that will be hired to do the work for you. Get a written estimate from the contractors that you are considering, because this type of documentation will come in handy for your own personal reference but also to show others that are willing to match or even beat their competitor’s offers.

Do Not Rush Through the Project

If you are seriously considering remodeling your kitchen, it is imperative that you keep in mind the fact that timing is essential. In order to achieve high-quality results, you need to be able to plan accordingly and stick to that plan. Before you know it, you will have a beautiful, trendy kitchen filled with quality appliances and fixtures along with stylish flooring and cabinetry that will impress any and every person that steps foot inside of your home.


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