Promote your blog via 10 popular Social Network


Blogging is very popular these days because the blogs give you a space for writing whatever you feel like, whatever you want to write. And that’s why the number of blogs in the cyberspace is radically increasing these days. Not only increasing, many of them are so popular among their readers. They write contents under different niches and they are pretty interesting, no matter what make you interested, just search and be sure that you will find hundreds of blogs on your desired topic.

And if you are a blogger and want to reach millions-billions of readers, you have to take some measures to promote your blog and using social networks is a great idea these days.



The popular most social network of these days; no matter how old you are, where you live, you may have a Facebook profile and your acquaintances have a profile as well. This is how our lives are so virtualized these days, and we have to admit that Facebook actually played a vital role here. Facebook has 350 million users round the globe, so using this tool properly will get you the chance to more exposure to more people. Make sure you connect your blog with your Facebook profile and do proper publicity in your Facebook profile.



Although this social network is more profession oriented, but why would that stop you from promoting your blog? Find professionals from your identical job field and interest; you may also look for bloggers like you. Connect to them, share outlooks, get to know each other and take part in sharing each other’s blog. Cooperation makes the world a better place!



130 million users is not a small figure but still they have lost their popularity over the last few years. It’s currently more music-oriented so if you think your blog fits that niche, feel free to share your blog on MySpace.


The user count might not be as huge as Facebook, but still a network of 117 million people is a huge place to drive your marketing. Make proper use and drive traffic to your website.


No matter what topic you write on your blog or what is your niche, what is your perception and outlook; there will always be people in Friendster who would listen to you, find your blog interesting and subscribe you.


It’s a Google owned social network beside Google+ network. They occupy a bigger number of populations from two specific regions, India and Brazil. So if your blog is targeted at those audiences then consider Orkut for your blog promotion.


It was once very popular. Now not that much but still appealing to many people and one network that you should really keep in your list for your blog promotion.

In this network you get a gathering of 30 million who discuss over different topics and that is mainly about music. Music niched blog writers should publicize here.


They call themselves the largets black website in the world. And why is that? That is because they are mainly an online meeting place for the huge community of African Americans, and this blog could be highly useful for your blog promotion.


This blog has popularity in almost all the bigger cities in the world; worth keeping in your list.

So, have you started picking up the blogs?


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