Recover The Deleted Files With The Best Free File Recovery Software # Recuva


Deleted a file that was important for your meeting did you? It must be painful! 🙁 Well, most of you would have deleted or lost an important file while playing around with your computer at some point in time. While not being able to get it back has been a problem, most of you have suffered creating those files again.

Recuva – The Free File Recovery Software

Recuva is one of the best free file recovery software. You could have pressed Shift + Delete yet, you would get that file back in hand. You can recover your deleted file from your recycle bin, your camera media card, an MP3 player you own etc! 😯

How to Use Recuva?

Using Recuva file recovery software, is easy and simple. Here’s a step by step manual on how to use Recuva! 🙂 With this file recovery software, you can recover your deleted files in two ways: Wizard Mode and Advanced mode. Here we would study the recovery by both these methods.

Wizard Mode:

  • When you start Recuva, you would observe the following wizard.

Welcome Wizard

  • Now click on “Next”. This wizard will show you the file type you wish to recover using this file recovery software. You are not sure about the file type, then click on “Other” and then click on “Next”

File Type Wizard

  • Now if in the next Wizard, you need to specify the file location if you are sure about. If you are not sure about the file location, then you can just check “I’m not sure”.

File location wizard

  • If you are sure about the file location, then you can browse the file location so that the recovery results would be generated faster and to your needs.

Advanced Mode

  • If you feel you would need a deep scan to locate your files mention that after you type in the file name and type.

Deep Scan

Now finally your recovery process starts! 😀 Once files are recovered using this file recovery software, you need to select where you wish to store the recovered files.

Remember one thing that Recuva will only restore those files that have been highlighted. It is possible that you would have clicked on many check boxes but, the file that has been highlighted by the mouse will be only recovered.

At times, if you try to restore the file in the same drive in from which it was deleted, then Recuva will display the following warning:


Alternate File Recovery Software’s

There is nothing that can match Recuva while recovering your files. The best part is that Recuva works with every single kind of technology be it camera or MP3 player. But, there are other software recovery tools too in the market. If you feel there is some file on your Windows PC that could not be located with Recuva, you could try Puran File Recovery. This file recovery is limited only to PC and, it searches the PC well. So, you would find an advanced search tool in this file recovery software.

With Glary Undelete, though the software is class it does need to be installed. So, you waste time installing it before it can set out to locate the file. Though the functionality of Glary Undelete is the same and, maybe advanced than Recuva, Recuva still holds an upper hand as it needs no installation or handling.

Pandora Recovery is probably the most famous recovery software of all times. It is the most advanced software of all times. Plus it has a surfer scan button that recovers even dead files. This software works best with Windows 7 even if it shows compatibility with XP, Vista and Mac.

So, next time you delete a file accidentally, you need not get into any kind of tension. Just get yourself to the file recovery software’s, recover your dead files! 🙂


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