Regular Eating Out Options for Bachelors and Students


Most bachelors and bachelorettes who live alone in the city typically tend to eat out every night to avoid the hassle of cooking. Also, students living in hostels that do not offer food catering rely chiefly on outside food for their survival through college life. However, a lot of them tend to fall ill because of constant consumption of junk food and food high in fat and oil while getting very little of the vitamins, minerals and fibre that their growing bodies need. Here are a few healthy eating out options that these youngsters can follow in order to minimise the harm to their bodies while continuing to order food.

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Choose a healthy restaurant

Online websites that deliver food to your doorstep usually have several restaurants in every area to choose from. Select a restaurant that offers healthy cuisine instead of always going for the one that offers junk food. We know junk food tastes good, but it is your body that you need to tend to.

Always order a vegetable dish

When you order a mixed vegetable side dish along with your main course, you do two things. One, you probably do not consume both the dishes at one sitting, which makes way for your breakfast as well as your dinner. Second, and the more important one, you consume the vitamins and minerals that come with consumption of veggies. One of the best options for ordering is paneer cooked with vegetables, as it contains both milk protein and the goodness of veg.

Order Grilled food, not Fried

Given the choice between grilled food and fried food, order grilled food. This is because grilling requires less than half the amount of oil it takes to fry the same amount of food. Too much consumption of oil is unhealthy and leads to high cholesterol, obesity, heart problems and other physical conditions. Options like sheikh kebabs or grilled chicken are full of animal protein and fibre while containing little or no oil.

Stick to lean cuts of meat

Some places offer tasty food at the expense of including too much animal fat in their cuisine. This happens typically in fried chicken takeaways and is an especially unhealthy choice of diet. Select a restaurant that makes use of only lean, fat free cuts of meat in curries. Also it is a good idea to stick to the staple foodpanda of the part of the country you come from, as your body is probably accustomed to it more than it is to junk food.

Eat the occasional fish

Fish contains useful saturated fatty acids like beta carotene that are useful for increased brain functioning and concentration. By rotating your diet between fish protein and meat, you keep your body loaded will all the nutrients.

Take a vitamin supplement

In spite of all the measures discussed above, you do not know how the food has been cooked, or even how nutritious it is, for sure. Hence, to be on the safe side, take a multi vitamin supplement at the end of each day.