Requirements for installing solar power system

Solar power

We are in the world which is completely filled with machines and everything needs a machine and every work needs a machine. All the machines need electric power for working. But the electricity costs are risings up and up due to the scarcity. To make yourself safe from these problems, you could shift to solar power.

The Solar power installation may cost you a huge amount, but it saves your expensive electricity bills which should be paid on monthly basis.

Solar power

If you decide to change to solar power, you need to know what all things to be considered are

Choose the right contractors

The first and important thing to be considered is the company you choose to give your contract for solar power system installation. You can make sure that your option is right by checking following things about the company

  • Is the company properly licensed or certified?
  • The company’s experience in installing the solar power systems.
  • Whether the company installed grid-connected Photovoltaic systems or not?
  • Is the company not liable to any pending and active judgments against?

Figure out the electricity needs

Calculate the total amount of power in Watts or kilowatts required in your home for all the needs in.

Figure out the size

Based on the electricity needs included with the size of your roof or place where you want to install PV system the dimensions of the solar cells can be decided. DePalma roofing in Harrisburg can help you find the right solar panels for your roof.

Solar panel orientation and tilt

The solar energy is generated from sunlight. So, you need to consider the orientation of the solar cells and their tilt angle to get the maximum about of sunlight and average amount of power in all the seasons.

After all the pre considerations, you may know the main components in the System.

  1. Solar Panel array
  2. Charge control unit
  3. Battery bank
  4. Inverter
  5. Junction box
  6. Support structure for solar modules.

The usage of Solar power in your house or business is the eco-friendly act.