Review: Oppo N1 With Rotating Camera


Oppo N1 With Rotating Camera:

The Oppo N1 with rotating camera is the first smart-phone with an rotating camera, which is about to touch down the market at late December.

Oppo N1 With Rotating Camera

Oppo N1 has a latest 5.9 inch bright display and is first phone to come with a 13-megapixel rotating camera which can rotate a 206 degree’s. Which will let you capture a HD self photos and also can snap at any odd angles. And according to rumors around you will be able to get it on or before the 10th December 2013. The Oppo .Inc has already announced that a unlocked HSPA+ version that  its Android smart-phone will be soon available at its Oppo store and with other outlets, the Oppo N1 will be available at around €449 ($608.17), though there are no word on whether it is an 16GB or a 32GB model.

The Oppo N1 is first Android smart-phone to have using a six physical lenses, which allows you giving a clearer image even while rotating at any distortion. It is featured with an latest stacked CMOS sensor’s, and a upgraded type 1/3.06 imaging module. The f/2.0 wide aperture which let you more light in. So, the user can have a great photo even when in a dark environments.

Unlike the any other camera of high-end smart-phones, the Oppo N1 is featured with an dual LED flash which would light up even in at the dark environments. The Oppo N1’s dual flash is designed in such a way that it consists a normal flash which would e used for normal back facing shots and with a diffused softer flash which would be used when using after the camera is rotated to front camera snaps. Along with the brightness tun-able of the OPPO N1 camera software, front facing flash which will provide you a perfect conditions for any front facing snaps even in dark environment.

Oppo N1 with rotating camera will never miss you get a perfect snaps even when the capturing object is place at any odd angle, because the Oppo N1 with rotating camera helps you get a perfect click even at any angle of 206 degrees. Oppo N1 is also designed in such a way that of  beautiful dual line philosophy. That the entire Oppo N1  is skinned by finely cut champers. Which would be visible from each and every angle, the dual champers of Oppo N1 runs through sides of the smart-phone’s minimalist and pure design.

The O-Touch Panel:

The O-Touch which is entirely a new generation of using a smart-phone. The Oppo N1 has a 12 cm back touch panel which makes you one handed use of the big Oppo N1 screen with all the easy and comforts. With this new feature the O-Touch will allow you to scroll, tap, or take photos without any incandescence or user’s finger blocking into the display.