Rippln: What It Is and How You Can Earn Through Your Social Influence


Rippln is a new platform that will revolutionize the use of social networks monetizing your social influence.

Think about how many apps are downloaded every day respectively from the App Store or Google Play. Yet none of the users who download these applications earn a penny, excluding developers and managers of the store, of course.

In a couple of years, the access to the web and the use of social networking sites have become increasingly mobile, and the use of tablets and smartphones is a part of our daily habits.

It’s on these assumptions that Rippln was created, a platform that promises to change the way we work both online and offline.

Rippln provides applications for smartphones and uses the social influence of each user playing on the development of viral connections to expand their audience of users.

The intent is managed to perfection : in just 30 days it has exceeded the threshold of 500 thousand subscribers and just a couple of days ago it reached one million!

“Get in the ripple!” Suggests the pay-off, or be part of the fluctuation.

Do you know the launch of a stone into the water? Imagine being part of those waves that propagate from the center to the outside!

How to Become Member of the Rippln Community?

In this first phase Rippln signing up is free. In order to be a member, you need an invitation from someone you know or at least be in possession of your e-mail address or phone number.

Inside the invitation will be provided an access code to be entered here to be part of the community Rippln.

Caution! The invitation is valid for 24 hours of submission, after which it expires and must be implemented the procedure again.

Currently the platform is being populated with new players, or rather, those who are actors of promotions to create a solid social network.

hand giving cash to another hand with sentence "We want you to reward you when you share"

The second phase coincides with the release of the app. You will be given the opportunity to communicate your preferences with the network of friends built earlier.

At this stage, the users are divided into:

Rippln Player: actors of the promotions that generate the waves and get compensation;

Rippln Fan: all the simple users who will enjoy promotions and special features of the application.

It will be then the time for the third phase, with the official launch of the platform Rippln Ecosystem, in which users will be able to download, share content, buy e-books, apps and much more.

The fourth phase will be the final step, in which you will have the opportunity to sell and promote your products and services through the  Rippln network that was created during the earlier stages, in order to take an economic benefit from the use of this platform!

Where Do Gains Come From and What Are the Advantages?

The gains will be generated from the sale of extensions, applications, advertising and other types of commercial transactions, as well as from “Rippln effect” generated by the social influence of each user.

Thanks to this platform:

  • You will have the opportunity to try a new viral technology;
  • You will be part of the inner circle of the promoters;
  • You will have the option to invite 5 friends to join the community of Rippln and then widen the circle;
  • You will gain becoming sponsors of the different applications perceiving a percentage of new members. A domino effect that starts right from you: after the first 5 calls you can make others 5 and so on.

The invitations tabs will be visible on your invitations page.

By clicking on each of them you can discover the degree of influence of the people who have accepted your invitation and many other new users involved.

Other pages that you will find within the platform will be dedicated to video tutorials and marketing (waiting for the official release).

In these days, there was a sort of celebration to have reached one million users. Just look at the official Rippln Facebook Page, it seems to be pretty viral!

With a team consisting of the CEO Bryan Underwood accompanied by Adam D’Angelo, programming genius with a huge social background, the success seems assured.

What is your impression about Rippln?

Will you choose it for your business?

Please let me have your thoughts in the comments below, thanks!


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