Rotorua-Best Things to Do


Rotorua is a great place to spend some time with family apart from the busy life of yours. The place offers so much to see, do and experience here.  I visited the place couple of times and still I am waiting for my holidays, though again I plan my trip to Rotorua. This wonderful city is located about 3 hour distance from Auckland by car and is known as the geothermal heart of New Zealand. The city is very much famous for the bubbling mud pools, lakes and rich heritage. The culture is Maori culture which is very much alive and you would love to experience.

1.     Agroventures Adventure Park

Rotorua-Best Things to Do

This place s full of fun and you can head there with your entire family. The place is falls into the category of Amusement or Theme Parks and offers several fun rides to the visitors. You can spend your entire day here without thinking about your dining and all as there are many restaurants inside the park. Explore some adventure rides which are truly unique and give your child a surprise.

2.     Waimangu Volcanic Valley

This place is quite weird and wonderful rather I would say it’s one of the most amazing places I have ever visited in my life. After visiting the Amusement Park you can head for this place, as its falls into the category of Hot Springs or Geysers. Waimangu Volcanic Valley is situated near Rotorua and consider as a New Zealand’s thermal centre. Waimangu was created from the massive 1886 eruption of Tarawera and today it offers an easy walk for the visitors.

3.     Waikite Valley Thermal Pools

After visiting to places your body will ask for some rest then what is more pleasant than taking a bath in hot water. Visit the next place Waikite Valley and experience thermal pools, have some relax in natural geothermal water from the Te Manaroa Spring. You can spend as much time as you want and also can stroll to the many restaurants and café for the tea and something tasty.

4.     Skyline Rotorua

This place is also an Amusement Park and perfect for families. Skyline Rotorua offers the ultimate weather and attraction to make your day a full blast of fun. The rides and water bodies are stunning, and also you can have something better from the plenty of restaurants and cafes available inside the park.

5.     Buried Village of Te Wairoa

Of you are interested to visit some ancient and historic sites of Rotorua then I would suggest you to must visit the Buried Village of Te Wairoa. This place is falls into the category of museums and offers some interesting information to the visitors about the past of the place. This world class museum contains many precious objects dug from the ruins, paintings, evidences of history etc. Take a good camera along with you.

Rotorua is the great place to explore in these upcoming holidays. You would fall your heart after watching the scenic beauty and attractions of the city. Plan a perfect trip and have fun.


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