Samsung to come up with a new Smart-watch and Tablet

samsung smart watch with camera
samsung smart watch

Giving a hint of what the future might hold for electronic devices like tablets and wearables, Samsung has filed another patent and this time it’s about slide-out displays. To be precise, Samsung has filed two new patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)- one for a smartwatch and the other for a tablet. Previously, we have come across Samsung’s patents for foldable displays, but now, the company seems to be trying out something unique.

samsung smart watch with camera
samsung smart watch

Let’s start with the Samsung application for a new smartwatch. According to the patent documents spotted by Samsung mobile, it shows a wearable device, with a circular display featuring a camera lens right in the middle of the frame. On top of that, the diagrams show that the smartwatch is also expected to come with optical zoom capabilities, which will allow the camera to zoom in and zoom out, something that we see in digital cameras.

Well, that’s not it, the patent also reveals that the smartwatch will come with a secondary flexible display integrated into the watch band. The image shows the wrist band has options like message, music, gallery, alarm to name a few. While this will surely help users in accessing more apps and services with one tap, but it does raises questions about the usability of the product or how comfortable will it be to use apps by tapping the wrist bands.

Samsung to file for Patents:

Having said that, Samsung recently filed a patent that reveals a 3-in-1 concept device. According to the patent, the device looks like a strip that can be worn as a smartwatch. Bending the strip slightly around your face turns it into a smartphone, and last, the strip could also be turned into a tablet.

Apart from that, another patent that caught our attention was that of a tablet with a roll able display. From the schematic diagram we see, Samsung’s future device is expected to feature a roll on display from one side. While half part of the display remains intact, the other half can be pulled over and opened wide to make it a tablet like a device. Apart from that, the patent shows that the tablet will come with a home button up front and will feature capacitive touch buttons as well.

In the past, we have come across Samsung filing patents for rumored Galaxy X smartphone, which was expected to be a flip phone with a foldable design. From what the renders in the patent, Samsung’s foldable display has a bendable section in the middle that will allow the phone to fold like a flip phone. Recently, Samsung also filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office describing a device with an inward-folding display supported by a mechanical hinge in the middle. Apart from that, Samsung seems to also be working on a smartphone that could come with an interchangeable camera lens.

This is exciting news for all the Samsung fans out there waiting for some innovation. We will have you covered as to where this news leads.


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