Security and Automation Gadgets for Techies


In the past, home security was primarily for the wealthy. Video surveillance and other home security measures were simply out of the budget of the average home owner. But with the spread of technology, home security can be a reality for anyone! Here are some of the top security and automation gadgets for homeowners:

Smart Cameras

It seems like everything is becoming “smart” these days, from phones to televisions. So called “smart cameras” utilize Wi-Fi, so you can access your video feed from anywhere. These cameras are popping up everywhere offering a way to see what’s going on at your home when you not there.  Some home security companies, for example with the installation of an ADT security system, also offer remote monitoring.


Dropcam is one of the more popular brands. They come in a variety of models, depending on what kind of quality and features you want and are one of the most intuitive to install and use. Home Monitor lets you archive a lot of old footage.  Though it is initially more expensive it offers good viewing options. These smart cameras are perfect for those who want to keep an eye on a house during a vacation or need to check in on the babysitter or plumber. That being said, smart cameras are just the tip of home security automation– the good stuff is far less passive.

Keyless Entry Systems

This year, a variety of systems have come out that not only allow you to lock and unlock your doors with a code, but allow you to do it remotely. Even better, many of them sound an alarm when the lock is being forced. This doesn’t just offer peace of mind (ever wonder if you forgot to lock the door once you got to work?) but allows ease of access to your home even when you’re out. If a visitor arrives early, you can remotely let them in, rather than making them wait outside.

Schlage has an easy to install keypad system that also provides the security of a deadbolt. Another option is Lokitron, which simply sits over your existing lock and is activated via their mobile app or on command.

Home Management Systems

If you really want to be able to manage and monitor your home, a home security system might be the right choice for you. These kinds of services are offered in packages like an ADT security system or you can purchase a personal system and the corresponding gadgets.

A true home management system allows you to take your home security to the next level. You’ll be able to control lights, locks, thermostats, and cameras from any web-connected device. Access codes, such as for babysitters and other hired help, can be set to help keep track of who’s entering and exiting the home. Automated alerts can be created to immediately let you know if anything’s amiss before you get back.

Nexia Home Intelligence is probably the top home management system currently out there, but as demand increases, more are being released. Remember: on top of the system you must also purchase the necessary automation gadgets.

Whether you choose to go with something like an ADT security system or install your own devices, there’s no reason you can’t have peace of mind.