Selling Your House? Here Are A Few Tips For You


Planning to sell your home? Looking to move to that big bungalow in the suburbs instead of the small property in mumbai? Planning to start a family and need a better place in a safer location?

Where to start? How to get the right price for your current home? How to evaluate the price for your property? Is the market right to sell now?

With the real estate sector is experiencing a dynamic phase with considerable volume of small and large business transactions taking place everyday. With this market undergoing a sluggish time in the recent past, there has been a marked drop in the sales volumes, further leading to fall in prices due to high inventory. In such a market where supply exceeds demand, only can easily sell a house by bringing down the price. Or is it the only way?

Selling Your House

We say no! There are a few other ways to generate interest in the property, while getting the best possible price. Follow the following steps, and you might get the right buyer interested in your property, willing to offer the right amount.

  1. Pricing the House Correctly

Price is the biggest deciding factor for most buyers and can make or break the deal. Wrong pricing, weather under-pricing or overpricing, can cost one dearly. Thus getting the property correctly evaluated is imperative. At the right price, one is bound to attract more buyers.

  1. Get Property Ready for Sales

Making sure your house is presentable is very essential. The house should not have any breaks or leaks. It should look neat and spacious. After all, a presentable property in the best condition will appeal more to buyers.

  1. Complete all Paperwork

All the paperwork should be in order before the process commences. This includes the allotment letter, sale deed and all other papers that would need to be handed to buyer. Along with this documents dealing with prior proof property purchase, property tax receipts, society documents etc. must be kept available.

  1. Market the Property Well

Effective advertisement increases the visibility of one’s property, allowing more chances of meeting the right buyer. Advertising should be done not just by word of mouth, society boards or simple newspaper ads, but also by utilising as many of the new and upcoming online real estate portals too. Online listing also helps in attracting long-distance buyers for whom the conventional methods would be unsuitable due to their distance.

While marketing one must make sure to cover the following points;

  • Take as many pictures as possible to get a good idea of the property without actually looking at it personally.
  • Never give erroneous or wrong information.
  • If a viable option, get the property verified, if possible, by reliable sources. Although a paid service, it helps place the property in the premium listing section, thus allowing more visibility.
  1. Clear all Dues and Issues

The property should be free from all dues and legal issues. Make sure all the taxes and bills have been cleared. A property without any hassles portrays a good and clear picture in the eyes of the buyer.

  1. Be Practical and Not Emotional

We all are attached to our homes. Especially one we have lived in. If a good offer comes by, and one is serious about selling, do not let emotions cloud your decisions. After all

Selling a home in a market that is slow is a tougher task and needs to be planned for and handled carefully. With all the right groundwork and preparation, coupled with the right pricing, the odds of selling the property increase.