SEO Mistakes That Bloggers Should Stay Away From


seo mistakesIf you are a blogger and you wish to enhance your web presence, then search engine optimization (SEO) is indispensable for you. However, it is also necessary that you use SEO in the right way. On numerous occasions, search engine optimization can be very complicated. Currently, Google is utilizing an algorithm for ranking sites and blogs. Various other elements are also taken into consideration and the modification goes on constantly.

If you love to blog, you must not commit the SEO mistakes given below:

1) Posting duplicate content

This is a strict ‘no-no’. Posting duplicate content on your website and blog can subject you to fine. Try to make your content as unique as possible and make every post different from the other.

2) Purchasing links

In spite of the fact that paid links can help your website gain recognition, you should not go for them. The simple reason behind this is that search engines flag paid links and they determine it with the help of Google bots. Paid links will lower the rank of your site or blog beyond imagination.

3) Using automated title tags

The title tag plays a key role in helping your site or blog achieve a good rank. Bloggers use both long and short titles to describe their themes. When you use a keyword in the title, you need to verify its quality via tools like Google Adwords. Stop giving keyword specific titles and you will start noticing improved performance of your site.

4) Running after Pagerank

Pagerank obviously puts your website in a stronger position. Nonetheless, Pagerank is not the sole thing that your website needs. There are other factors like ROI, analytics and appropriateness of content that make your site or blog stand out among others.

5) Going for appearance rather than content

There are certain bloggers who only focus on the design and appearance of their blog and don’t take content seriously. You need to understand one thing pretty clearly. If you don’t have good content on your blog, no traffic will be generated. So, start posting good quality content on your site/blog.

6) Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the biggest harm that you make to your blog or site. This will reduce the rank of your site in the search engine result page and is not a fair thing to do. Rather than stuffing one page with many keywords, focus on individual keywords and try to make separate pages for every keyword. Don’t go for manipulation at any cost.

7) Performing SEO in an improper way

If you are linking only the home page of your site or blog, then you are doing a big mistake. Instead, try linking the most favorite posts of your site or blog. Optimization is something indispensable to put your site or blog in a better position.

8) Using free hosting blogs

Free hosting blogs don’t allow themes, plug-ins and add-ons that are necessary for better outcomes in SEO. So, even if you get them at a cheap price, think twice. Instead, sign up for your own domain and buy an affordable hosting plan.

9) Not using the alt tag

If alt tags are not used with images, then a number of search engines will not give importance to your site. An alt tag optimizes the image and generates improved results. Don’t forget to give a name to the file.

10) Small volume of content

If the posts you have made on your site or blog are too small, they are not going to serve your purpose. Try to make posts of at least 500 words to generate higher traffic.

Other than the SEO mistakes mentioned above, there are other mistakes as well. Use your experience and take advices from SEO professionals for bettering your web presence.

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