Smartspends-Your Personal Expense Manager


Looking for a technical solution to manage your personal expense then incredible and talented team of Time Internet has build an android app just for you to get rid of all financial woes.


The app is Smartspends. This money management app will allow users to manage their finances on every segment on their little or big expenses. This smart mobile app enables consumers to control all their reckless financial spending in easier way. Build on a simple premise this finance app make it easy for you to keep a track of your money.

Sometimes you spend so much that you can’t even recall where you spent your last month salary. This free smart app is a smart way to manage your spending.

Let me explain in to you that how it works.

  • Spends:


Under spends section users can add their spending to appear automatically in spends feed. It also has the ability to organize all your payments into different categories.

  • Investment


If you love making money out of money then this Investment app will help you find and buy the best mutual funds.

  • Bill Calendar:


Are you the one of those who always loses track of all your dues, delayed and paid bills, this Bill Calendar feature is here to serve you. Here you can see all bills in one single view and then through its smart alert system by creating a bill calendar.

  • Card Suggest:

This feature will asks you to enter a place where you intend to spend your hard earned money and then it will show you with the best card option to save money with available offers on cards.

  • Offers:


You can easily save up to almost 20% in each transaction on your all debit and credit cards purchase. SmartSpends app suggests the most relevant offers available for you according to your purchasing trends.

  • Fun Facts:


Its works like a daily news feed of some witty facts related to your spending with an option to share it over social media handles.

By applying intelligent algorithms, SmartSpends will help users to take control of their money. Without using a calculator or pen and paper, with this smart personal expense manager app ‘SmartSpends’, consumers can easily know where they are spending money. It is a smart way to use of mobile technology to solve all your uncontrollable money spending problems by taking control of your personal money.