StartApp Review-Make Money from Your Free Android App


StartApp Review-Make Money from Your Free Android App

Android has been around for quite some time. It has quickly garnered a special space for itself. So much so that, people opt for particular phones over other, better hones costing the same, because one has android while the other doesn’t. There are many who swear by it.

One of the many reasons of its popularity is the concept of apps that come with Android. Today, there are apps for nearly everything. Games, music, banks – nearly every business and venture has its own app. Businesses and enterprises now recognize the amazing marketing power they gain when they have their own app. They realize that people now use their phones as much as they use their laptops for purposes other than calling or sending messages. Thus, today there is an app for nearly everything. You want to check your account balance on the go? Just log into the bank app. Want to make a grocery list? Well, there is an app for that too.

StartApp Review

The Concept Behind StartApp

The Android apps come with a huge earning potential. Anybody who uses app on a general basis will be quite privy to the fact that nearly all apps are inundated by apps. With every click that one does, the app developer stands a chance to make money. This is the entire concept of StartApp.

StartApp is a monetization platform for Android developers. Using this, people can make money from their own free apps. This free tool can translate into more income for the creator.

Advantages of StartApp

To begin with, the app developers have to associate themselves to the StartApp network. There are many advantages of doing so. To begin with, there are two sources of income. The creator gets paid each time there is a download of his or her app. Also, the advertisements that flash on your app fetch you the money. This two way income is definitely better than just one, which you would get otherwise.

Secondly, the system pays more than what it’s competitors pay. The initial payment amount might seem low. But the pay check keeps on getting bigger and bigger as more and more people start downloading the app. Also, the more apps you create, more will be the amount you earn. So, it is one of the best systems out there for those who are creative, intuitive and willing to put in the hours.

Why StartApp?

One more factor that works in StartApp’s favor is the recent burst in its popularity. In the past few months, it has invested more in itself and brought out a number of features and installations. Thus, in a matter of months it has indeed come a long way from being something that only a handful of people knew to being one of the biggest and most preferred individual mobile search and distribution network in the US and entire Western World.

As the number of mobile and Android devices keeps on increasing, this network is already poised to take its growth graph north – wards and with it, obviously your earnings will follow the same trend.


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