Stress and You – Four Ways To Help Cope


Stress has been a common thing in the lifestyle we’re living today. Science has filled up our life with lots of options which on other hand affecting our health and you need to find different techniques to keep yourself fit and healthier.

Stress and You

The life we’re living must be having stress and it’s not easy to cure if you don’t know ways to cure it. If stress goes severe then it can affect badly on your health and mentally stability and you need to take prescription from a doctor but if the stress is still under limit then you can try few natural remedies to cure the stress.

I’m listing here four ways to help cure stress. These four ways are all natural but they are effective too. All you need to do is to include them seriously in your life.

Organize Day

A hectic schedule causes stress but you can stay away from stress if you keep your day organized. You need to go along the time table and make sure you include work, eat, sleep, entertainment, etc in your time table.

In starting, it will not be easy to go along with time table if you’re not in habit of that but I’ll advice you not to leave the schedule. Keep on continuing it for at least 21 days and on the 22nd day, you’ll be in habit of living life organized.

Right Diet Chart

Make sure that you’re eating healthier food regularly and try to avoid junk food as much as you can. Go for protein food and try to avoid food that will deposit fat in your body.

Don’t go for too much alcohol and caffeine and drink as much water as you can in a day. Its being scientifically proved that person taking right food stays healthier and free of stress then person on the other end.

Internet/Mobile Phone Usage

These days most of our time is shared on internet or on mobile phones. Now you need to start avoiding these two from your daily life time table. Instead keep the internet usage and mobile phone usage limited to few hours only so that you’re not prone to stress caused by these two.

Exercise Regularly

You need to exercise regularly in order to stay fit and this will help you keep stress free. I’m not saying you to go for too much exercise but go for light exercises regularly. Morning walk or jogging can be a good practice but make sure you do it regularly.

Also take time for yourself out of your hectic schedule. Move out with your family, friends and take proper vacations. Keep Sunday only for entertainment instead of following work on that day.


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