The Biggest Killer: Men’s Health and Heart Disease


Summary: Telling people that heart disease is dangerous to men is a little bit like saying oranges are orange – it’s pretty self-evident. Although it’s great that the connection is so obvious, that can lead to complacency which can in turn lead to ill-informed lifestyle choices… which is what this post aims to address…

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Did you know that heart disease is the biggest single threat to a man’s life? In England it is the cause of 37 per cent of deaths.

And if that isn’t worrying enough, research compiled last year revealed the average middle-aged man has a staggering 60 per cent chance of developing heart disease. It’s a scary statistic and even though developments in healthcare are making treatments for the condition ever more effective, it remains a big worry for many.

It’s an undeniably serious issue – which is why there are so many great resources on the web that are packed with quality information: From detailed explanations of specific forms of heart disease to informative blogs which provide information and advice on the issue targeted specifically at men.

So if you’re a man, and you care about your health, there is a wealth of information out there. Make the most of it. And if you want to find out some interesting facts to complement your new knowledge about heart disease we’ve got some fascinating insights…

Did you know…

Bad diet, smoking, high blood-pressure… we all know how dangerous these can be to your health and wellbeing but what about some of the more unusual things that can affect your chance of suffering from heart disease?

  • If you’ve got a negative relationship with your significant other your risk of having a heart attack rockets 34 per cent. Sort it out to avoid a serious case of heart break…
  • Although they may not seem all that connected, the health of your gums can impact on the health of your heart. The connection is thought to be down to a question of bacteria – if you have infection in your gums you will have it elsewhere. It increases your chance of suffering a heart attack by 25 per cent.
  • Where you live is also linked to the likelihood of heart attacks – as the so-called “Shettleston Man” study revealed not too long ago. The chances of developing heart illness rockets in poorer areas beset by social problems.
  • If you don’t rate your boss you may also be more liable to suffer a heart attack. A study from 2005 said that workers who felt ignored by their bosses, and left out of decision making processes, were more likely to suffer from heart disease than those who had more control.


Avoiding heart disease…

If they are some of the stranger things linked to heart disease, you may be wondering about some of the more leftfield ways to combat the condition. Well we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the more interesting things that could help prevent a heart condition. None of them are a replacement for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but they can all help…

  • A study conducted earlier this year revealed that having a heart could help you stay free of heart disease. The researchers found that voluntary work reduced risk factors which contribute to heart disease.
  • If you can volunteer somewhere sunny then you could double up on the benefits. A daily dose of sunlight has been found to reduce blood pressure so get out there, get bronzed and get a healthy heart.
  • Next on the heart-helping list is a product made from the humble tomato. Scientists have altered a natural compound in the popular salad ingredient to combat bad cholesterol.
  • Finally, you could add some nuts to your daily diet to cut your chances of having a heart attack. Munching down on a handful of “tree” nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts etc.) every day has been shown to prevent not only heart disease but obesity and diabetes as well – both conditions that can add to your heart disease risk levels.

How will you combat heart disease?

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