Boxer Shorts – An Overview


Garments worn as underwear in earlier times by professional boxers are now known as boxer shorts. The name for this type of shorts was first used in the decade of thirties of the twentieth century. The shorts became very popular among men in the decade of fifties. In the decade of eighties, a billboard advertisement showed a celebrity named Nick Kaman wearing the shorts. After this, the shorts became a huge rage as a men’s undergarment. It is an important part of a man’s wardrobe. The shorts help in enhancing the features of a man’s body helping in making a fashion statement. Men love to wear the shorts due to its comfort and style. There are many sites offering great varieties of these, just try once you will be amazed to see the collection.


Used By Teenagers

Teenage boys start wearing these shorts instead of briefs when they enter the age of adulthood. The shorts are loose and it looks good when used with baggy jeans. If the trousers are loose, the top part of shorts is exposed and it looks quite fashionable. Some like to wear the shorts with a low waist jeans or trousers. Boys can wear the shorts while skateboarding.

Choosing The Shorts For Boys

Different types of shorts are sold for boys and men. It is important to choose well-fitted shorts. Boys should not buy the men’s shorts as it may not fit well. Choose the shorts meant for boys or teenagers. These shorts are sold in children clothing shops. It is beneficial to buy expensive shorts as they are of high quality with a good fitting and style. It will be a profitable deal as the expensive shorts last long so you can wear them for a long time. On the other hand, the less costly shorts are ill fitted with very less life. It wears away very fast so this is a big disadvantage. Find the best shorts with a good color and style. The boys should choose the shorts themselves according to their liking and preference.

Advantages of Boxer Shorts

The popularity of boxer shorts can be attributed to the fact that it is liked by women. In addition, men find it more convenient than other underwear as it has a front opening. It is also easier to remove it. The pelvic area feels very comfortable and free with this. Since the shorts are loose, it helps in ventilating the private parts by allowing the air to pass through. Health experts recommend wearing these shorts as it cools the body and increases sperm production.

Hides Body and Very Fashionable

The shorts don’t expose the body so much so it is better to wear it in other people’s company. It hides the imperfections of loin area so it is ideal for men with a bad body shape. The shorts can be considered as garments of fashion. It is a better option as undergarment than other underwear like briefs. Briefs are used less as they are not fashionable. Using the boxers is very trendy as it is in the fashion. There is a lot of choice of a wide range of colors and styles in these shorts. This is a major advantage of these shorts as the other types of underwear have very limited colors and styles.

Disadvantages of Boxer Shorts

Besides the above advantages, the boxer shorts have some disadvantages also. It doesn’t fit well like the other underwear. It can expose the private parts beyond the fabric. If a man wants to play sports with these shorts, there is a lot of discomfort in it. The waistband of these shorts is quite thick. It rubs against the skin causing irritation and skin problems. The shorts are not suitable for wearing along with pants as it creates a strange and awkward look. Since the shorts are very loose, it keeps moving instead of staying in a place like the briefs.