Theme Junkie Insider Review


WordPress is indeed one best, most popular and easiest blogging platform on earth and the cyberspace. People prefer blogging on WordPress because it is cheaper as well, and you get a complete package only for 18$. Who would want to miss this, especially the beginners who want to have a blog without much effort on the very beginning?


It’s ok if you want to play with some CSS coding for the outfit of your blog, but it’s also alright if you don’t know CSS coding. Because these days, the themes that come for WordPress platform barely requires any hard coding, they are getting much easier. And the responsive themes are making it easier to build up a website, we are going to review one of these WordPress Theme. Here goes our WordPress Theme Review on Theme Junkie .

Theme Junkie Insider Review

What is this Insider WordPress Theme? This is a new theme based on the WordPress theme module and it is basically a magazine theme. It has a dynamic layout and intended for the creative bloggers who would also want to have news and magazine functions involved in their web sites. More visual contents in a website makes it look better, that is why everyone now opts for such themes but if the visual contents are not handled properly then they will also cause a slower website as well.

Theme Insider from Theme Junkie is a responsive theme so you will not have to worry about your website fitting in different screen sizes as it will fit pretty much in all screens! The website will adjust its resolution and make necessary re-arrangements with the size and resolution of the display so the tablet, smartphone or desktop all users can use it without any trouble.

The Feature List of this theme includes a wide range of attractive stuff. The color scheme contains four colors which are orange, green, blue and red. You can customize your home page using all these four colors and the admin panel and customizable widgets are just the right tool you would be looking for. You can also place space for ad in convenient places of your webpage using these widgets. These templates will take the hassle of search engine optimization in their own hands so you would not have to worry much about it. Better SEO means better revenue earning from your website!

And if you know a bit of coding then you can give more to the attractiveness of your website using this theme. Custom color, logo space, banner space etc. these are located at the top side of the website and feel free to customize in any way you like. This might provide an easier communication between the website visitor and you.


You get this theme for $49 accompanied by two bonus themes. And the basic features include –
• Responsive design, friendly for any portable device
• Advanced styling using web programming
• Choice of 4 colors for design optimization
• Choice of convenient position for ads
• Built in short codes for convenience
• Supports WP 3.4
• Easy SEO optimization

And that was all about Theme Insider in brief. How do you like it?


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