Theme Junkie offers ‘Little’ WordPress Theme


As you have landed here, we assume you are new into blogging and looking for new themes to enrich your website with newer outfits. You can’t go wrong as newbies in WordPress are much into looking for new themes to make their website look beautiful. Making websites and blogging are one of the most recent ‘earn money working from home’ methods that doesn’t require a mountain load of money to get started with; and maybe that’s why more and more people are into it these days.


Nice theme means a nice outlook of the website and the nicer the website looks, the more visitors the website gets every single day. And for that enhancement, you need to find out the right themes for you. What could be the best one for you? Well, must be a responsive theme in these days, as the tablet devices are way more popular than laptops and the smartphones are even more. It’s hard to optimize your website for every display size, but easier to get a theme that does it all for you. We are talking about Little WordPress Theme by Theme Junkie.



This theme looks traditional, much like the HBO motto that says ‘Simply the Best’. Well, simple doesn’t mean bad. Sometimes, the simplest things outrun the best looking stuffs and that’s what this theme is like. If you are an author or want to create a website for putting up your autobiography, then this might be the theme you are looking for. This theme by Theme Junkie is simple enough to portray your author characteristics, yet powerful enough to re-render and resize the website size for different screen resolutions. Be it a computer or a tablet, or maybe even a phone running on Symbian, the screen size changes accordingly.


Little WordPress Theme gives you the privileges to instantly share various types of posts by you like video, audio, image, gallery, audio notes, quotes and many more you can imagine. Even you can integrate them with Social Media in your website. And ‘Little’ theme offers you with some pre-made shortcodes that you will just put in wherever needed and enhance your website.


And it has a built in option to place and manage your ads in your website pages nicely. You will not have to worry about the banner images on sidebar area, or the other banners that might distract the viewers. All the latest web programming languages are used to develop this theme so there won’t hopefully be any compatibility issue, and your websites will receive a Google ranking without you having to pay attention about the search engine optimization (SEO) stuff. Furthermore, you get options to modify the visuals in your website.

The features of ‘Little’ theme by Theme Junkie is as below, in brief –

  • Blog oriented
  • Classical design, gives a traditional look.
  • Comes with social media widget and nice-looking icons.
  • Responsive templates.
  • Support for all popular browsers.
  • Theme option – customized to modify.
  • Search engine optimized.
  • Lifetime updates without any trouble.


This theme will require you to have at least the 3.1 version of WordPress. Happy blogging!


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