Things to Do in Queenstown


Mountain rides, bungy jumping, sky diving, jet boats, breathtaking views, and river rafting, all about the Queensland. There is something for everyone in this beautiful city and that’s the reason visitors attract from all over the globe. Climate is perfect whether its summer or winter, you can do some nice local walks and take a glance of amazing scenery. City offers some great dining, entertainment and ride option. You can spend your entire holidays in visiting the places and taking experience of various things. It’s always better to stay more than one night here to truly take the experience of place. Queenstown is the small town and remotely located but it is one of the popular city of NZ where any one must visit.

1.     Skyline Queenstown- Gondola & Luge

Skyline Queenstown

It’s the beautiful place to start your day with, place open at 10:00am and close till late night. This place falls into the category of trams and entertainment centre where you can spend your entire day with your family and friends. Skyline Queenstown is situated on the Bob’s Peak and can access by Gondola cableway. You would easily reach there by a 5 minutes’ walk from Central Queenstown.

2.     Jacks Point Golf Course Queenstown

If you love to play golf then the next thing you can do in Queensland is to experience your favorite game at one of the best courses in the world. Jacks Point Golf Course Queenstown is the beautiful place and you would see the high profile people here. The location is very beautiful and you would love the food offered here.

3.     Kiwi Birdlife Park

Next attraction of Queensland is the Kiwi Birdlife Park. The place is falls into the category of Nature Areas and you can enjoy the sight and surroundings of Queensland’s wildlife here. The sanctuary is spread over 5 acres area and you can see some real Kiwi and reptiles. Take a good camera to capture some nice moments.

4.     Queenstown Ice Arena

If you want to experience something mind-blowing then I would suggest you to visit Queensland Ice Arena. The place falls into the category of sports complexes and it is the coolest place of Queenstown. This place offers a great value and fun activity for all ages. Whether you are a pro or taking first time experience they will make your time unforgettable by Ice Skating. Also you can sit and enjoy coffee there.

5.     The Remarkable Ski Areas

This place is offers another great walk to you, and breathtaking amazing scenic view will magnify your experience. The place offers fantastic ski area where anyone can enjoy the fun activity whether he is pro or beginner. The place is surrounded by fully natural environment and it is the reason people come across the countries to enjoy some pleasant moments. if you are an adventurous seeker then this place is fantastic for you.

Queensland offers many things to do and visit, you can take a night life experience also on your visit to the city. Though, the place is quite expensive but still it is worth to visit.


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