Top 10 Android Games that Enhance your Entertainment


As technology is growing day by day, there are a lot of enhancements coming up for Android, one of the most preferred and popular mobile platforms. While a lot of facilities and apps are coming up for this platform of Google, the developers are not sitting idle as a lot of amazing games have been unveiled. Well, let’s discuss the best Android games that enhance your gaming experience.

1. Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio

The Angry Birds Rio is an action game for Android devices developed by Rovio Mobile Ltd. Basically, this game is based on the escape of Angry Birds who were kidnapped and taken to the City of Rio de Janerio. Use your Angry Birds skills and fight big battles to win.

2. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition

This pocket edition game is kind of same as Minecraft enabling you with a landscape having various cubes. You are facilitated to ‘move’ these cubes and ‘craft’ buildings and other stuff. There are two modes in this game, one being creative, the other is survival.

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In the creative mode, you are enabled to fly through the world of Minecraft and create buildings and stuff with the provided materials while in the survival mode, you are facilitated to above the ground. You need to fight by jumping in and out of the world of other players while monsters come up at night.

3. Battle Alert – Empire Defense

Battle Alert - Empire Defense

The Battle Alert Empire Defense Android game of Empire Game Studio is another amazing game in which you need to prepare a huge army and make profit of resources by defeating the enemies. Protect your base well so that you can rule the world.

4. Clash of Lords

Clash of Lords

This is a new and strategic game from In this game, you need to collect minerals, finish your quests and take charge of the fire-breathing dragons. Join with your friends and other gamers and unlock new challenges and maps by wiping out creates.

5. Monster Warlord

Monster Warlord

In this action game, you undergo a journey in which you need to catch some monsters and complete various quests. You can get hold of the strongest monsters and also make challenges with the strength of your monster. Points and new stuff come up when you complete each quest and experiences.

6. Bike Race Free

Bike Race Free 123

Bike Race is developed by Top Free Games. In this, you can get through 12 fun-based and engrossing worlds which include Arctic, Desert, Dunes, Beach, Hills, Savana, Arctic 2, Desert 2, Hills 2, Dunes 2 and special Holiday Package.

Gaming is simple as you just need to tilt your device to change directions while you can touch anywhere on the screen for acceleration or for applying brakes. Earn as much stars you can to unlock and play new levels.

7. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride

This is one of the best Android games and has better leaps and bounds. In this game, you being Barry Steakfries, make use of a high jetpack powered by machine gun in order to face a lot of obstacles while you collect coins and run as far as you can.

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8. Greed for Glory

Greed for Glory

This is PerBlue’s strategic game in which you need to change your town into an enormous kingdom. Fight with other gamers, defeat and destroy enemies while you gain resources is the main thing to do.

You can provide advancements to gold mines, towers, iron quarries and wall mazes. You can rage into the villages of others and rule them.

9. Agent Dash

Agent Dash

Agent Dash is one of the best Android based action games which is developed by the amazing developers of Full Fat. Undergo amazing environments and defeat villains as much as you can. Controls are quite simple as you just need to swipe in order to jump, slide and dodge across hassles. Make use of parachutes and jetpacks for better assistance. You can play with your friends by singing in to Facebook.

10. Zombie Highway

Zombie Highway

Zombie Highway, an action game from Auxbrain Inc lets you take part in races through a desert highway hovered with zombies. You need to navigate and get rid of obstacles, destroy zombies that cling to your vehicle. This is also one of the addictive games on the Android platform.


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