Top 10 free Screenshot capturing Tools for your PC


Generally, every PC or laptop contains a PrtSc (Print Screen) tab which captures a screenshot for you. But what if the tab fails to fulfill this feature? Considering this intricacy, professionals have come out with plethora of software that creates attractive screenshots. Basically, the screenshots are like manifestation of any product or service that can only be described through workstation as sometimes description of products is not enough. These screenshots spread across the web faster than any medium. In addition, screenshots captured are more of fun as they tend to make things much easier to identify with. If you want to explain anything to your friends, this can be easily done through the image captured by screenshot. Here is a complete assortment of top 10 free screenshot capturing tools for your PC:


Manufactured for Windows and Mac, Snaplr captures the screen partially as well completely. There are some add-on tools as well within the software such as free-hand picture tools, highlighting tools and text boxes as well. Once you capture the screenshot, it is saved in PNG format which can be further attached in an email message.



Capturing the image is not sufficient when it comes to explanation of any product or service. Snaggy allows you to capture the screen images and highlight them by using annotation tools. You can draw anything on the captured image to make it look more appealing for the audience. This tool can be used for cropping the image, share the screenshot and edit it as per your needs.


Once you download this tool in your PC, you can easily detain the image. The captured image can be edited easily through drawing on it, typing on it or by stressing any portion as well. You can even create your account on Monosnap and can upload the screen shots on that account.


This tool is especially designed for the purpose of annotating the images already captured on your screen. Szoter is mainly used to create interpreted images.


This screen capturing tool includes various editing tools. Pixlr grabber is the most accessed tool offered by Pixlr that is used for capturing images. The images captured can be cropped and printed as well. For furthermore corrections, Pixlr editor can be a good option.


Considering the need of users, experts have designed Screenr with much simple functionalities. This tool is easy to use and handle for creating screenshots images as well as videos. The images or videos captured can be downloaded by the user for future use.

Screen Castle

This web-based screen capture tool is simple to be used. Being a user, you just need to visit the website and get on to the start button. The screenshots captured appear on the Screen Castle website which can further be entrenched on your website as well.


With the specifications of the image you wish to capture, you can begin with the use of this free screenshot capturing tool. The videos can be captured up to fifteen minutes through this software. Along with this feature, one can even include the webcam view of himself.

Quick ScreenShare

The screenshot you have already captured or annotated can be shared among your friends through this software. You do not need download anything to operate this tool. All you need to do is just to click the start button. Without any registration or installation, your screenshots can be easily shared online. Quick screen share tool offers the URL directly to the user through which he can share the image.


Whether you want to capture the whole screen or just a part of it, Jing is the perfect tool for you. This free screen capture tool needs to be installed on the system before being accessed. Jing can capture anything and everything you do or say up to five minutes.

The above mentioned ten free screen capture tools are powerful enough to detain the images or videos of high quality. The high definition quality offered by these tools has compelled much downloads in past few months. So, install the applications and get started with the process of screen capturing at the earliest.


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