Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives for Indian Users


Without question, I think the whole world believes blogging world as the best Google Adsense contextual advertising network online. Adsense is one of the main sources of residual income for most websites and blogs. It’s still a fun way to mention that if you decide that you were going to launch a blog, you almost immediately signed an account for Google Adsense!

Google has set very strict Terms and Conditions for the publishers in India. Occasionally, even the publishers or bloggers do not get access to the Google Adsense Program in their first attempt and even the majority of publishers gets their Adsense account being banned for some reasons. It is not a big problem to get denied for Adsense, but once your account for Adsense is disabled; you do not get a second opportunity for it.

On the whole, Indian bloggers or publishers basically look for the Google Adsense Alternatives for three basic reasons.

  1. Blocked from Google Adsense.
  2. Not getting approval from Google Adsense.
  3. Earn some extra income except of Google Ads.

So, it is always required for a webmaster or a fellow blogger to search for Adsense alternative. Below you will find the best and top ranking Google Adsense Alternatives for Indian users according to my perception.

10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Indian Bloggers


Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives for Indian UsersPerhaps, a joint venture of Bing & Yahoo is one of the best ad networks the users will find on the internet. Search the objectives of the contents of advertisements, web and mobile ad bar offer the most innovative way outs. specifically in the United States, the United Kingdom’s and Canada can be used to get a lot of traffic, especially for large sites. The minimum Payout for the publishers and bloggers is $100 via PayPal.

2. BuySellAds

BuySellAdsBuySellAds can be considered one of the most wanted Google Adsense Alternatives. It is a direct Ads network and the website plays a role of middle agent between the Publisher and the Advertiser. Unlike many other ad networks, it is not an easy task to get approved for an account on BuySellAds. You need to possess a high quality website with huge traffic. The entire process is completed by BuySellAds and you do not claim your amount until the deal is not completed. You require at least 75% share of the amount and there is no limit for a minimum payout. It pays out twice a month via PayPal.

3. Infolinks

InfolinksIt is the best and top ranking In-Text ads network. If you want to use it with Google Adsense, you can use it without violating the terms of any Adsense network. Moreover, it is not a difficult task for you to get an approval from Infolinks if you possess a text based blog.

A major drawback of using Infolinks is its lower click rate. The minimum payout is $50 via PayPal or debit card and if you want to get your amount via Bank Wire Transfer, the minimum payout is $300.

4. Chitika

ChitikaChitika is a search advertising network recently directed a team with Yahoo! For desktop and mobile search market. One good thing is that you can use it with Adsense. We can customize the ads, i.e. You can change the color of text, color and border color URL of the ads according to the design of your blog. You can customize your ads in three types.

  • Mobile Ads
  • Local Ads
  • Search based Ads

5. Tribal Fusion

Tribal FusionTribal Fusion is one of the renowned Google Adsense Alternatives that pay premium CPM rates for every ad seen on their site. Tribal Fusion requires a great place to be accepted into the network of publishers. The website should be having at least 500,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis, should be very specific with regularly updated content, be it a professional looking site, having an active user base, having a privacy policy and meet all statutes spam compliance. Minimum payment is 50 per check.

6. Amazon

AmazonAmazon is an outstanding CPA ads network that is working well for a wide range of publishers. There are some fine quality gadgets we have, but are on almost any niche offering, is also a good choice, because if you are a tech site. They are sensitive to the context of advertising, and therefore almost perpetually useful. However, in terms of what can be too complex, and sent him to his sales commissions for taking a long time.

7. eBay

eBayIf you are not convenient while using Amazon, Clickbank or several other CPA networks, try eBay. Again it depends upon you to earn some money. Good advertisement can be considered a waste of space and you can use it for your basic source of income as you cannot put eBay ads. If there is a spare space on the left, such as the 2NDOr 3RdAdvertiser, eBay needs to be assigned to try.

8. Kontera

KonteraKontera is a very similar text line as an Infolinks ads program. Both of them scan your site to find out the keywords matching the keywords saved in their database and then display ads according to it. Yet, Kontera is suitable for the publishers having a site with huge traffic. If the traffic volume on your site is smaller, you need to use Infolinks rather than Kontera.

Kontera pays good amount with a higher CTR. A big con of using Kontera is that Kontera ads can slow down your blog’s loading time. Here, you can get your amount through PayPal, EFT, check, and the minimum payout should be $ 50.

9. Linkshare

LinkshareLinkshare can be considered one of the top-ranking Google Adsense Alternatives. It is relatively a new company, but you can put it on the top of the list. The minimum payout at Linkshare is $1. If your site is great until you get the check, days or months, because it does not need to wait for even better than the remaining list. Linkshare provides almost any niche is the best advertising throughout the world, and there you will find a lot of.

10. Bidvertiser

BidvertiserIt is basically a PPC ads network that helps the people inputting the paid advertisements on some specific categories of the sites for maximum exposure and for click-through. This network works in a slightly different way as compared to some other PPC networks because you, with your advertisements are more targeted in them instead of the PPC networks place these ads according to their will. It is very simple to use Bidvertiser for creating ads within it and it is a subtle fact that the traffic from US, EU and UK produces more revenue. The minimum payment you get from Bidvertiser is $10 through PayPal.

I have added only some of the best Google Adsense Alternatives in the list. There are so many other alternatives and you can use them if you are convenient in working with them.


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