Top 10 Tips for Frugal Grocery Shopping


Grocery prices are going through the roof, and money’s not exactly pouring in. It’s absolutely essential to balance the grocery bill with paycheck to remain solvent. But just how do we go about it? Here are top 10 tips for frugal grocery shopping that will help you cut down on your grocery bill without you having to cut down on your food.

Frugal Grocery Shopping

Make a list

First and foremost, make a list of the groceries you need. Then, revise it: half the items will fall off, rest assured.

Put a price

No, you’re not going to dictate market prices: you’re just going to put the maximum you’ll pay for that particular grocery item. Basically, you’re creating your grocery budget.

Look for the best deals

The newspapers and the Internet are full of “freebies” that shops advertize every day. Look for the best options, and even if you have to traipse around half the countryside, go where you can find the best deals.

Shop at a supermarket

Your neighborhood grocer may be your friend, but also likely to be more expensive – it’s simple economics that small stores cannot match the volumes of a large supermarket and therefore, prices at the stores are usually higher; nor can they give you the kind of benefits, freebies and other goodies like gift coupons, cash vouchers and membership benefits that large supermarkets usually provide. So go for the big guys!

Avoid the meats

Meats are delicious, but are also very expensive. So, unless you’re a diehard carnivore, you can be better off turning vegan. Not that veggies are cheap, but they are relatively less expensive. And that doesn’t mean you can’t have milk – just make it skimmed.

Cook at home

Ok, this is not about buying. But it’s really good advice – the best way to save on food costs is to cook at home. That way, you also get to make your own choices, the best way you can. And if you’re not very expert when you start, you’ll become a hot-shot chef soon enough. Necessity being the mother of invention and all that jazz!

Freeze your food

Whenever you cook, make extra – double, or even quadruple portions of everything. Then, after your meal, freeze the stuff. It’s a great way to save on cooking costs, and you have the satisfaction of knowing there’s always food in the fridge.

Buy in bulk quantities

It’s always cheaper to buy in bulk. Moreover, you’ll find that when you buy in larger quantities, you also get some freebies – “Buy two, get one free!” kind of bargains.

Shop for your friends

If you don’t want to buy a ton of something just for yourself, ask around and take your buddies’ shopping lists when you’re going grocery shopping. This way, you’ll ensure that you buy in larger quantities, which means cheaper shopping; and you’re also doing your friends a favor, which might count for something!

Go for the unbranded

Branded stuff always costs more. Buy generic, unbranded stuff and save hugely!

Grocery shopping doesn’t always have to kill your bank balance. These top 10 tips to frugal grocery shopping should help you stock your larder well, without emptying your wallet!


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