Top 10 Xbox Games to play in 2013


Are you looking for best Xbox games for 2013? If yes then you are at right place. Here I am going to jot down top 10 Xbox games for 2013 so that you can enjoy your gaming experience to utmost. Here I have tried my level best to cover games from all the gaming categories so that you can get your hands over your favorite category games. So let’s start.

Top 10 Xbox games for 2013

1. Nuts & Bolts

Top 10 Xbox games for 2013

It is one of the most interesting game over Xbox platform. The best thing about this game is its graphics. Nuts & Bolts graphics are so eye catching that they attract most of the gamers with its first look. Further it is loaded with plethora of high end controls and features which are always ready to kill your boredom. In this game you have to play the role of a creator whose role is to develop various kinds of things.

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2. Fable II

Febell 2

Fable II is the improved version of standard Fable game. With first Fable game, developers received good response from gamers. It excited them to come with a new feature rich game. Here you have to play like a survivor who has the access over different kinds of weapons and ideas. It is a perfect game for all gamers who are looking for an action tight Xbox game.

3. Crackdown


This game is developed for action gaming lovers. Here in this game, you have to complete various missions. Best thing about this game is FREEDOM. Here you don’t have to follow a set of pre-defined rules rather you are free to do anything. All you need to do is to complete your mission somehow. Here you are handed with a gun and you have to tackle various run time obstacles. You have to shoot bodyguards, obstacles etc to accomplish your mission successfully. So why to wait! Get your hands on you gun and start tacking your opponents with full throw.

4. Gears of War 2

Gears of Wars 2

This game is integrated with very powerful graphics. Such graphics are rarely seen in other games. Also it comes with multi-player functionality which enables you to involve your friends into your mission. Its “Horde Mode” is something that most of the gamers are talking about. This game can prove its worth among gamers who love shooting. Graphics looks very real and shows every effect very clearly.

5. Halo: Reach

Halo Reach

It is a complete robotics styled game where you have to play like a robotic machine. Your opponents will too be carved in robotics form. This game is rich in its style. You will be amazed by seeing its robotics based interface. All the robots looks real with perfect robotic actions like bending, arm movement etc. Here robots are somewhat blessed with human nubs like you can vanish your robotic opponent by applying proper pressure around its neck. So logic wise it is a nice game and you will surely like it.

6. Halo Wars

It is a controversial (with Microsoft) which is based on Halo Universe instances. It is a military management and strategy game which need gamers to think uniquely. This game is perfect for you only if you love spending your time making strategies against your opponents. Otherwise it will bore you only. Like Halo: Reach, this gam too is based on robotic interface but here you can make use of various vehicles + you can defeat your enemies by making unique strategies. All in all it is a fun filled game which is developed for real thinkers.

7. Lost Odyssey

Lost Odyssey

This game is developed by Japan gamers. This game brings HD interface to surface. Also it is stuffed with a very long story/mission, battle goodies and extended world. HD graphics makes everything smoother and better. This game is beautifully stuffed with various monsters and an emotional story. This game will itself inspire you to get closer to your mission all the times. It is an addictive game which is a perfect dose for killing boredom.

8. Project Gotham Racing 3

Racing 3

Its name says everything. It is a car racing game which is integrated with world class stadiums and power ups. This game is designed with lots of modes and options. It will give you a real world car racing experience. It features some of the top cars with best stadium around the world. Also its attractive modes will never let you go down with gaming experience. So if you are looking for best car racing games for XBox then PGR3 can be the best option. You will never feel bored with this racing game. So accelerate your gaming life and start paying PGR3 now.

9. Shadow Complex

shadow complex

Microsoft has developed tis game after a very dense research. Also they promoted it very nicely on different kind of platforms. It is a mission based game where you have to unlock new weapons, routes etc to complete your mission. Here you are allowed to perform all types of movements like jumping up, crouching down etc. It is filled with lots of mysteries, so start playing Shadow Complex and get ready to discover all those mysteries.

10. Splosion Man

splosion man

This game is designed around one single expression/move only. This move is called ‘splode which is none different than jumping. This game is extended to 100 levels using this single move only. It is an exclusive game which is available for Xbox users only.

So it is a set of top 10 best games for Xbox. This set includes games for racing, mission, fighting, strategy making etc type of gamers. I hope you have enjoyed these games to utmost. Please use comment box to share your experience with other Xbox users.


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