Top 4 Best 13-Inch Laptops of 2013


Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A

Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A

It looks like all the 13-inch laptops have gone for a display upgrade. The Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A’s display is outstanding, comparable to the best in its league. The 1080p screen presents scintillating colors, superb contrast, and is good for a really wide viewing angle range. And this Windows 7 based 13-incher is as good in its processing power, too, with resumption from standby mode or even booting up happening quite quick. It looks good, although not in the stunner band. But then, it’s cool to handle, comfortable to carry around. For its price, it’s a real good buy.

Toshiba Satellite Z930

Toshiba has always been known for a high level of sophistication in all their products – and the Satellite Z930 is no exception. Primarily designed to help you in your business, it offers all that your work demands. It is sleek, really slim, very light and easy to carry around. Processing is a whiz for this multi-tasker. And to keep you connected, the Toshiba Satellite Z930-10X has a host of connection options – Ethernet and HDMI, apart from three USB ports.  This 13-incher is a must have for the on-the-go business person. After all, Toshiba always means business!

Samsung Series 5 Ultra

Samsung’s reputation as a provider of quality computing machines at affordable prices is further strengthened by the Series 5 Ultra.  This practical 13-inch laptop is equipped with an efficient keyboard and trackpad, along with full-fledged laptop type storage of 500GB. Computing power is not compromised: it is fairly competent, and does the job much better than what you’d expect for its price. Check it out – you could get hooked.

HP Folio 13

The HP Folio 13 is an out and out working laptop, with a high level of usability from the business perspective. While not as powerful as its other 13-inch counterparts, it substitutes its very slight disadvantage in processing speed with a secure, stable and reliable computing platform. Utilizing the power of the Samsung SSD, the performance is still pretty impressive. Its backlit keyboard, responsive trackpad, solid construction and fairly extended battery backup make a very compulsive argument for making the HP Folio 13 your business laptop of choice.

Late 2012 and year 2013 saw the emergence of the 13-inch laptop as a smart and efficient alternative between the cumbersome 15-inchers and the diminutive 11-inch pretenders. Featured here are the top 10 best 13-inch laptops of 2013 – the choice may be a difficult one, but this list should make it easy for you. Check them out.


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