Top 5 Aluminum free Antiperspirants for Men


Smelling good is attractive to all, both men and women. And men of these days want to smell good so they are attractive to the opposite sex. It’s hard to find men of these days who don’t shop for deodorants. But you really have to judge a lot of things before you actually proceed to buy deodorants. Antiperspirants are basically chemicals that remain in touch with your sensitive skin for a long time. And if you are not careful while choosing the best fragrance for you, this can bring you sufferings and even medical emergencies. First of all, do a self-assessment on your skin and try to determine the type. If it’s not sensitive then pretty much all antiperspirants will suite you. Men with sensitive skin should be more careful about buying antiperspirants.

Top 5 Aluminum free Antiperspirants for Men

And as health is concerned, more men are now moving to antiperspirants that have no aluminum in them. Even many branded antiperspirant deodorants contain aluminum which exposes you to the risk of Alzheimer’s, various brain and respiratory diseases, even cancer. As these chemical substances stay in the skin for a real long time, they got absorbed by the skin and Aluminum is not friendly to our body.

Although, aluminum free antiperspirants are not very easily available at the malls or drugstores nearby. You might not be able to find them in the shops around you but you can find them online. Look up online marketplaces like, and you will easily find them. Although, aluminum free antiperspirants will give you some uncomfortable feelings like stickiness or long lasting experience but hey, health comes first.

You can find some most popular aluminum free antiperspirant brands below.

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Antiperspirant Stick

This antiperspirant deodorant stick is affordable, it’s in most men’s easy reach and that’s why we like it. And you also get a fresh and apricot smell for hours, lasting throughout the day. You can buy a 2.25 ounce stick for $4.90.

Desert Essence

This deodorant is also aluminum free and that’s why it’s healthy for your skin. Your underarms won’t be wet, so there are no uncomfortable feelings and at the same time, it will fight bad odors. It comes in two options; chamomile and calendula scents which will make you stay fresh for almost half a day. And a 2.75 ounce stick costs only $3.56.

Adidas Wetness Control

Adidas is a reputable brand and you can actually rely on this brand. The antiperspirant they have brought to the market is definitely aluminum free. Once you rub it on your underarms, you create a protective barrier there that stays for the whole day. It smells like powder which is actually preferred by many men, and also a dry feel. It comes in a package of two bottles of 2.6 ounce that sell for $29.95.

Herbal Clear

This antiperspirant is more herbal than chemical and it has both tea tree oil and vitamin E in its formula; which will keep you free from all bad odors through the whole day. A 2.65 ounce bottle sells for $3.65.

Le Stick

This antiperspirant is unscented. Which means you will be odor free the whole day but there won’t be any additional smell of this deodorant. This sells for $5.84 which is a 3 ounce stick.

As with most people, only certain products suit individual skins. So you may have to try them all to find out the one that suits you best.


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