Top 5 Best Free Blackberry Apps for the Year 2013- Part 1


May be Android and iPhone are one of the unforgettable launches which changed are lives and make it  better but it’s the fact that Blackberry lost its standard due to these new rivals. Almost one year ago, most of the people are considering Blackberry out of the league as company lost its reputation in front of iPhone and Android based smartphones. But as we know after dark, sun rises and same happen with Blackberry. RIM’s Blackberry has been created an epic sensation in the market by announcing its new Blackberry 10 OS and the Blackberry Z10 smartphone. So, Blackberry is again creating its market and offering people some new features something more than Androids.

So, if you are a Blackberry user then here we bring you a list of Top 5 Best Free Blackberry Apps for the Year 2013.

Top Free Blackberry Apps for the Year 2013 are:

1.     Facebook

Blackberry Apps

Eventually ask some people that can they live a day without accessing their facebook?? The most common answer you are going to hear is NO..!! If we talk about some facts then in past few years, almost 75% people access their facebook account using their smartphone instead of PCs. So, you can’t ignore the presence of facebook app in your smartphone. So, now it’s obvious that why we are talking about the facebook app in our list of Top Free Blackberry Apps for the year 2013. For Blackberry user the official app is available and you can easily download it. The facebook app on Blackberry offers each and every feature and makes it easy to access facebook.

2.     WhatsApp

So, here is the next app for your Blackberry – WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging apps which have changed the aspects of messaging in real world. This app is totally free and also you have to pay nothing for messaging, just an internet feature should be available in your phone and your life is connected with people. Blackberry Market is the place where you can easily fond this app for your Blackberry device.

3.     Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry is better known for its additional services and apps. With your smart Blackberry device you get an official instant messaging app from Blackberry. The app allows the owner to text message the people who also own the Blackberry just using the internet without any charges. The more interesting thing about this official messenger from Blackberry is that it also allows two Blackberry users to talk with each other for free over the internet. So, it’s a very useful app for your Blackberry device.

4.     Blackberry Protect

If you are a professional and deal with very important data regularly then this app got everything you need. Blackberry Protect is the free app for Blackberry users who have a lot of important data to be stored and don’t want to leak it to others. This app keeps your data protected and you can easily retrieve the data whenever you need. So, it’s one of the amazing app we added in our list of Top Free Blackberry Apps for the Year 2013.

5.     Twitter

Just like the official app of Facebook, Twitter is another social networking app is available by Blackberry for the users of Blackberry. The official app of Twitter provides every feature to the users and also it’s very easy to access your twitter account using this app. So, start tweeting with Twitter on your Blackberry device.


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