Top 5 Best Fuel Efficient Electric Cars


Make the move, and give your life a new u-turn with some fast and new cars over the streets. There are many journeys to be undertaken, many roads to be cover, many places to visit and many things to experience. You, your love and your dream car- picture of the beautiful dream everyone thinks about. Any car cannot be run without fuel and if the fuel consumption of your car is large then it makes your all dreams shattered on the floor. While buying any car, it’s the most important question anyone asks to his dealer about the mileage of car. ..??? And why not it is your right to know about the mileage, before buying it.

If we talk about the car market then I would say, a vast number of options are available for you but choose the one whom you consider as the best according to your requirements and fuel efficiency. Allow your moves to define you and buy a car with a smart choice. To make your gateway better, I have a content regarding the Top 5 Best Fuel Efficient Cars.

1.      Mitsubishi i

Mitsubishi i

What do you expect from Mitsubishi, if it is giving you a car in price $21,625 with an electric engine and offers tremendous mileage of 126MPG in city and 99MPG on highways. The car company ensures that due to electric engine, its annual CO2 production is zero and it’s the king in fuel efficiency segment of electric cars.

2.      Ford Focus Electric

Ford is renowned for world class cars and the service. And if we are taking its name in the category of Best Fuel Efficient Cars then I must say it is worth it. Ford is coming in the market with its all new Ford Focus Electric which is blessed with an electric engine. The Ford Focus became popular among the people after the launching of it in an Auto-Expo. The first appearance of this car was classic and company assures the 110MPG and 99MPG mileage in city and highways respectively.

3.      Nissan Leaf

Nissan is one of the leading car manufacturing companies, which has a very good impression on each and every part across the globe. There is no doubt if I say; the designers and engineers are one of the most brilliant minds. They know very well the requirement of today’s world; Nissan Leaf is the example of it and blessed with Electric Engine, derives 106MOG and 92MPG on city and highways respectively. The cost of car is $28,550.

4.      Chevy Volt

Chevrolet Motors are not running behind in the race, Chevy Volt is the ride which will give you fell of luxury and high class sedan. The car is featured with Electric Engine and gives 95MPG in city, 93MPG on highways. The cost of the car is $32,495.

5.      Tesla Model S

Another car which adds in our list is the Tesla Model S; the car is designed for the better and regular use and delivers a perfect power performance. Worth of the car is $42,000 and gives 94MPG in city and 97MPG on highways.

All above mentioned are the Best Fuel Efficient Electric Cars. Check out the other options which you have on internet and then take a smart decision.


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